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  1. Installed a SSD for my OS. new score on the same quad 3ghz rig:
  2. That's just a small upgrade . Not from a P4 3ghz and 2gb of ddr its not.
  3. Q9650 cpu so it can handle it. THanks Will check into Handbrake.
  4. Which is the best for producing the highest quality single file output? Cost is not really a deciding factor unless its hundreds of dollars, lol. Prefer actual experience with recommended program. I don't have a ton of DVD's and just looking to use mp4 or avi files so I can leave the DVD in the case and free of harm.
  5. Whole new rig. Well, the case, psu and hard drives are the same. Q9650 quad @ 3.0 ghz, 4GB ddr2 and 9800GTX+ on RAID 0 now.
  6. I have found my best and only possible option is to enable some kind of cpanel ip to hostname lookup and just ban the user by hostname instead of IP. I can only pray this is possible.
  7. It's not a forum actually. All 3 mods are still trying to figure out some way to ban the hostname instead of his IP. I did search google for hours on end before I posted. Hoping someone could help us.
  8. I am admin on a website using a cpanel. It says linux as the operating system. I am attaching/linking a snapshot from the cpanel. If you need more info, I have access to the cpanel as admin. NOW, here is the problem. We have a chat on our website. There is a guy who keeps making usernames like Mighty_Whitey and posting vulgar racial slurs and threatening other users/staff. We have banned his IP so many times, but he just gets a new IP and comes right back with a new IP and ID. Is there anyway to ban the hostname where his IP leads? I have done a ip lookup and his hostname never changes, just his IP address. Any help would be greatly appreciated to permaban this excuse for a human being. Thanks!
  9. That explains why I am faster now, than when I installed 7 (back when it released). I don't use many apps and it really helps. Not like a quad core needs help, but you can enjoy the speed increase!
  10. Never even heard of that before. Your missing a step somewhere in the install.
  11. I just restored an image to another disk using 7's backup. no 3rd party required.
  12. Win 7 creates bootable media when you make the first backup.
  13. I could not get my phone to be recognized in the Virtual XP that you can get on Windows 7 Pro.
  14. It preserves the location, yes. Even if you restore the image created when you do the backup, your links(libraries, etc) would be included in said image. All files will be restored to the original location, completing the link and your set. I have used it to restore 3 partitions at once on 2 separate disks. Everything was the way I had it, when I created the backup.
  15. You could do what I have done before. Uncheck all the libraries and just image whole disks, lol. Its an option. If what you are worried about is on the OS drive, it makes a complete image to restore from that drive.

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