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  1. A couple problems with this logic: 1) Creative is still selling the Audigy series sound cards (the cards in question). THAT is why people expect support. 2) Microsoft has had XP out for 7 years. They still support and sell it even though Vista is out... development costs are over, and security patches don't cost nearly as much. They'd want you to buy Vista, but they don't mind if you buy and use XP because it's almost all profit now. Same would apply for hardware. The longer you make something, the less it costs to make it. 3) You don't see Microsoft shutting down MSFN forums for it's Win 98 projects, like KernelEx and Rev pack. Those programs are enabling things that Win 98 deliberately can't do.... just like the drivers. 1. I would sell the cards too, I still have stock and it does work in Vista. I know mine did. 2. MS doesn't mind if you buy XP because they know in a few years you will have to buy Vista or the next OS anyway. It's win/win for them. It's like buying a server that they don't make parts for anymore. Sure I'll sell it too you, it's a profit for me rather than a loss. Now YOUR stuck with it. I'll see you in two years when your back to buy another because something failed. 3. This forum poses zero threat to MS's sales so they don't care. How many people are actually using 98? It's like a DOS project. No one cares because it has little to no impact. Creative would much rather you purchase an X-FI card for $$$$$ rather than the bargin bin Audigy $. Hey it's the latest and greatest anyway, why would you buy Vista and not want to upgrade everything???? (that's a joke) Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I like it. I'm just saying it makes good busniess sense. Hell I have both cards and don't use either one. If I remember correctly when they sold the audigy it was supposed to have a flashable eprom so it would be the last card you would need. Great marketing scheme.
  2. I think this is where people are getting confused. Creative didn't want to develop new drivers, it's not that they aren't capable; they want you to buy a new card. It's a business strategy that is used everywhere, it's just the whiny little gamers and wanna be hackers/crackers that don't realize this. It's the same reason Microsoft stops supporting OS's. It's not because they have come up with something wonderful, they want you to spend your hard earned money so they somewhat force you to do it. Eventually everyone has to upgrade, your hardware might die and you find that nothing supports the old OS's anymore. It's really no different. I mean at least the card works, there's a lot of really expensive software out there that forces you to basically buy it again if you upgrade to Vista. They don't make patches or drivers, if you want and need the program and you upgrade to a new OS then you are forced to buy it again. Happens everyday in the real world. Why people think they are "owed" backwards compatibility and on going for life support is beyond me. If they aren't selling new sound cards how do you think they are going to pay the programmers that develop the support? Having a product that lasts forever is great for the consumer however if you are a business person you purposely design your products so you have some kind of "guaranteed" future.
  3. mara- Cheers pal , but ah, can you tell me what can I do if it is really something with overheating of the processors? Thx. Laptop or Desktop? If laptop then make sure the cooling fans are still working, same with desktop. If Laptop and fans are working make sure your not blocking the slots that let the air into the laptop, like maybe if you have your laptop on your lap, or a pillow, or anything not hard and flat so air can get into the the laptop.
  4. I have a an AMD Turion 64 laptop with 4GB memory. I have flopped back and forth with Vista 64 and 32 and have now decided on staying with 32. Personally I think Vista looks too nice to go back to XP. The UAC can be turned off with a click so that's not an issue and I don't know why people keeping harping on it. In all honesty I don't see any performance difference between the 64 and 32 bit versions although this laptop is for school and work so games are not played on it. Now after having Vista 64 on for about 5 months I just went back to the 32 bit. Two main reasons. 1. My laptop has a built in mini SD memory card reader, Vista64 doesn't even see it and even if it did there aren't any drivers for it. The whole driver issue with Vista 64 is pretty much gone by the wayside too unless your using some old hardware. Most of the drivers are out there. The second reason I switched is because I just picked up Dragon Naturally Speaking 9.5. It says it works with Vista however when you put the disk in a window pops up and says it won't work with 64 bit. There are a few other programs that I needed for school that will work fine on Vista 32 but not on Vista 64. So since I don't see any performance hits and I'm tired of working from two different PCs to get work done I switched to Vista 32 until 64 bit programming becomes mainstream. My laptop has a 5400RPM hard drive on it so even if there was any performance increase by any of the OS's your looking at I think that's pretty much my bottleneck for now. I'm sure some geek can tell me that Xp is so and so faster than Vista and that 64 bit on certain applications is faster than 32 bit. I don't see any noticiable difference and I'd rather take my dog out for a walk then spend time figuring out how I can get some application to start up 1 second faster or get 3 more FPS from a game. Peace!
  5. I found this site about two years ago and it seemed to be a good site for info on MS products. There were always some good tips on faster, better, stronger. Now it appears every time I visit the site the news is only about Nlite or Vlite and how to keep old versions alive longer and very little on how to improve upon what's here now. I used to be a fan of this site but lately (last six months or so) it seems like all the news is re-posted from somewhere else and the only thing really answered on this site is how to keep some antiquated version of windows working today. Maybe this site should be re-named OMSFN (Old Microsoft Software Forum Network). Not kidding, people may take offense but the advertisements such as the "MS office accounting Pro 2008" that I'm looking at now I find funny. There are so few people on this site running up to date software why would anyone advertise up to date software on a site that seems to devote itself to keeping out of date software working?
  6. I'm in the MS Partner Program and they sent an e-mail yesterday that said they will have the new image out to all partners by the end of March. It usually happens much faster than that so I expect within two weeks or so.
  7. Says he who has never had Vista installed on his system for more than a week. I've personally found that Vista is faster on my laptop than XP was. You could use a RAM drive or a CF drive as additional pagefile or tempfile space on your XP system if you wanted. I'm not sure about the CF card, but the RAM disk would definitely help you out. Sweet! I love how all the Vista haters either don't have it or like you said, "has never had Vista installed on his system for more than a week." Reminds me of when Xp first came out.
  8. Your system doesn't meet the minimum requirements to install Vista. Straight from the MS site. http://www.microsoft.com/windows/products/...quirements.mspx
  9. After reading all the replies I can surmise that very few of you have firsthand experience with Vista. By first hand I mean you have it installed on a PC of some sort and have spent some time using it. The 10 minutes you might have played with it in whatever store or at your buddies house doesn’t count. I think the only thing that I would agree with is the one poster who said you don’t need Ultimate. Aero does not chomp up GPU cycles; I see no difference in performance with it on or off. I have Vista on three PC’s all of them AMD’s to include this Dell laptop and it is not painfully slow, this is by far the slowest machine I have. I also have SP1 RC installed and I have no problems going into or coming out of sleep or hibernation. I hear the same garbage at work when people talk about Vista. It’s slow, it has problems, and it doesn’t work blah blah. I just ask them one question, “Do YOU have it installed on a capable machine at home?” The answer has been no. How can you possibly give any decent feedback on an OS you have no experience with. That’s like saying a Porsche is a piece of junk. I’ve never heard any Porsche owners say it’s junk, just the wannabes and have nots. To answer the original poster; stick with Vista. You already have experience with it. I’m running Vista Business on a AMD Turion64 1.8Ghz with an integrated video card and 2GB ram. It runs just fine. I even had Hellgate London running on it over the holidays. Granted I had to turn everything down because of the integrated video card and shared memory but it ran and was playable. I did wipe the drive when I got the laptop because I don’t like all the junk that Dell likes to pre-install but all in all it runs great. I also have Ultimate and Home Premium on two other machines. Ultimate was a waste of money unless you really need bit locker. So there’s my two cents from someone who actually uses the OS.
  10. The OS works fine but if you are running minimum specs and want better performance then you could vlite it (I guess I've never done it) and remove the items that take up additional resources that you will never use.
  11. I don't like blinking harddisk led without my activitiy Vista directly using my machine.What can i do about that? I do believe that's the indexing doing it's thing so it can find "searches" faster. If you disable indexing and windows search you won't see vista using the disk so much. At the same time it may be installing updates or defragging the drive. Why are people so upset about their machine talking to MS? In my experience paranoid people are paranoid because they have something to hide.
  12. I should try and Vlite my gaming rig to see how much of a difference it would make. But then again like I said before, I don't see these major slowdowns that people are talking about. My gaming PC runs everything just fine, I have no complaints. I'm not sure re-loading the OS again would be worth the trouble. Gaming PC specs: Watercooled AMD 185 opteron overclocked to 3.2 Ghz, Nvidia GTS OC 8800 380 MB, 2GB DDR400 ram (it's even old and it runs great), RAID 0 I have no problems running Hellgate London, BIOSPHERE, Call of Duty 4, and Medal of Honor Airborne.
  13. Hmm, that's funny. I have three PCs running Vista and my new laptop has the lowest specs. AMD Turion 1.8 Ghz, 5200rpm hard drive, integrated video card, 2MB DDR2 memory. It runs just fine, like the rest of my computers. I'm sure if I replaced the HD with a 7200 RPM that would speed things up a bit but I use my laptop for school and work so I don't need blazing speed like I do on my gaming PC. I will admit I wiped the drive the minute I got it. They just put too much junk on PC these days. So you think it's difficult to navigate? I guess that's the same thing I thought when I went from 98, to ME, to XP, to Vista. But I actually spent more than 10 minutes poking around the new OS and realized that MS wasn't making a XP clone. As far as speed I don't see much of a difference even on my gaming rig. Of course, I'm not going to sit there and run every benchmark to see if I dropped 5 FPS. If I can't notice the difference just by playing it's not worth mentioning that it's slower. I did disable the search and indexing on my gaming PC because that does make the PC run slower at first while it sorts things out. But again that all stops once it's done. I leave it on for my laptop and wife's computer, again not gaming there. If I bought a new laptop from Dell and it crashed I wouldn't replace the OS, I would return the thing. Sounds like your not willing to move on to new things or you've listened to too much XP is faster than Vista ramble. Like the previous poster said, "They said the same thing about XP when it came out." Get over it. You remind me of my 12 year old cocker spaniel; Sam. When I move the furniture in the house she gets upset for a day or two because things aren't like there were before. Oh my god what will we do? Go back, go back.. or maybe try Linux or Macintosh X. Like my 16 year old daughter says, "Whatever!"
  14. You have to remember by playing with the front side bus you are affecting all the other components on the motherboard. It you see a FSB lock option in your BIOS see if you can lock it in a 33.3 KHz ( I think that's the setting). Your processor may be able to handle the overclocking however other components may fail due to the higher FSB speeds. In my experience the memory is the first to be affected and is the usual cause why the PC won't boot. If you've got any type of value ram in your system you won't be able to do a whole lot of overclocking.
  15. Very true, check that first. If the fan isn't working or became unplugged from the CPU fan connector on the motherboard that will definitly casue this problem too.
  16. Can you enter into the BIOS? Off the top of my head I would say your BIOS died or a memory module went bad. My bet is the BIOS died. Clear the CMOS (make sure you unplug the power supply or you have a good chance of ruining the BIOS if it is OK), by moving the jumper pin on the motherboard. Reboot and see if that helps, if not I'd say you lost the BIOS.
  17. I purchased the Ultimate OEM version when it came out. I have now replaced 2 motherboards for that system and had to re-activate manually both times. It was as simple as calling them up and explaining what I did. Now I did tell them that I was the OEM builder for the system (which I am, it's my system). According to the EULA the only way you can re-activate an OEM OS is if the OEM builder is the one providing the support. Well I was, so as I see it I'm in compliance. FYI, I didn't just designate myself an OEM builder, I enrolled in the Partner Program so it's all legit. There isn't anything connecting my registration to my Partner Program # so there is no way they could have know and they didn't ask any specifics. They just simply asked if it was installed anywhere else and my reason for replacing the motherboards. I was scared I wouldn't be able to upgrade but so far it's been a pleasant experience.
  18. I am so tired of hearing about the Vista bloat. When Xp came out it was also the worst and bloated too but now all the nay sayers swear by it. Upgrade or go away. Stop blaming a 2007 OS for being faulty with your 2001 hardware. Sometimes new drivers aren't the best, sometimes users forget to uninstall the old ones before installing new ones causing many problems. But please stop with the anti-Vista campaign. It's the best off the shelf OS MS has put out. Looks great, works great. If it's not working well for you it's not the OS it's your old hardware. It's amazing, you can't make these people happy. If the OS didn't contain somthing they would complain, if it does then it's bloat. 99% of the people who upgrade never check to see if there hardware is compatible then b***h when it doesn't work. Same people buy a game and there system meets minimum requirements yet they turn on 8X enhancements and complain that it stutters. READ and COMPREHEND. Two very important factors in life. By your comment that the drivers conatin bloat I guess you have knowledge of hardware programming and have look at this first hand before jumping to the conclusion, if not sit down and be quiet. If you don't have first hand knowledge don't speculate on what it might be in your oh so expert opinion. Sorry about the rant guys and I know the OS isn't perfect but I can't stand to see someone give advice as to why something doesn't work when they don't have a clue what they are talking about.
  19. It's been about 3 months since I took VS2005 off my system but with Vista there was a special vista patch besides the SP1. You need that. Actually I think if you run windows update and have it set to update other programs it will automatically install what you need.
  20. That and MSN doesn't fully support Vista or Office 2007 yet either. I still get warnings about compatability when loading MSN and there's no spell check in the mail function if you have Office 2007, only works with 2005. If I didn't have my e-mail for so long I would dump them. Even windows mail doesn't support .msn or .hotmail sucks!
  21. Nope, that's the way the game is too. You have to make it about 3/4 of the way through each level before you hit certain checkpoints then it saves. Kinda blows but very cool game.
  22. Not sure what sound card you have but most have a setting in the sound control panel that will allow you to hear near real time recordings. My high end X-FI has it but then again so does my older realtech built into my asus motherboard. The was an add on that Microsoft had that had a recorder for just that purpose. It wasn't the best but it would go through the recordings and separate the tracks by silent spots. Then you could review those spots and change them if necessary. It also let you label the album and it would produce the printouts for you. I got it for my father in law so he could records all his old albums to CD. It would remove hiss and ticks too, that removed some of the fidelity though. Don't remember what it was called, but it had all these extra desktop themes and screensvaers with it. I think it was like $20 or there about.
  23. Got a new laptop so I removed the 32 bit vista business that came on it and put 64 bit vista on. It was working great and I had no problem with most drivers. The 64 bit wouldn't see the SD card reader built into the laptop for some reason. Anyway, about two weeks after using it, suddenly my 32 bit programs (everything on the laptop except for IE 64 bit) just kept crashing. Office 2007, MS Studio 2005, even Internet Explorer. They would just crash and constantly send fix it messages to MS. I reloaded the 32 bit version because I travel a lot and can't have that heppen to me onthe road. All my files were good, just the programs stopped working. Don't know what caused it.
  24. Does anyone know Windows Home Server is available yet and if so where to get it? I know it's OEM but I can't even find anyone in the US that's selling it yet.
  25. Correct it is working as it should, when you disconnected a drive the raid is broke like stated above. You disconnected one of the mirrored drive so when Vista does it check it knows there is a problem becuase they should be exacyly the same. You shouldn't do that. I don't believe that XP had these messages then again I don't run RAID 1, I do RAID 0 for performance and more space. It also might have complained in the first place because they weren't clean drives and not exactly alike in data, so then again you would get an error saying there is a problem. Mirrored drives are exactly that, they are exact copies so if one goes down you still have all your data on the other, When there is different data on one the tool will tell you there is something wrong. I'm surprised the BIOS didn't pick that up. Personal opinion here but why use a raid 1 unless you have some really important data to save? Raid 0 is much faster and doubles the space of the Raid 1. I have a portable HD that I save all my important data too. Not only do I know it's safe but if the computer gets a virus or something happens the portable is only connected when I'm saving so it is not affected. Hasn't failed me in 7 years. Also keeps private data like taxes and accounts private because again it is not connected all the time.

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