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Best Browser


Browser ?  

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  1. 1. which browser u think is best

    • IE 7
    • Firefox
    • Opera
    • Avant
    • IE 6
    • Other

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I voted Opera because I think it's the best of those listed. However, I use Firefox on a day-to-day basis, because I'm used to it and I like it better for some reason. But Opera has a lot of features and had some of Firefox's features first, so I gave it my vote. Worst browser? IE by far.

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I think IE7 is the most reliable web browser

what do you mean by reliable? to me IE is still unreliable, ive had to use it on some comps in school and it bugs up alot. but IE7 is by far the best IE out that ive ever used, that still doesnt mean that its good tho... so plz i would just like to know why everyone likes it? or have you not tried FF/Opera?

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Opera all the way.it has have the options you want and you add any custom botton you want to the menu's.love the easy way that you can add specific option for a certain website by just righ-clicking on the page and choose EDIT SITE PREFERENCES...

as for some websites(1 in 100) that opera cant handle correctly i use firefox.

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I'd have to say Opera, just because I'm familiar with it, and it just works out of the box as expected and wanted.

I installed Fedora Core 6 on this computer, and it had Firefox as the default browser. No mouse gestures, strange tab options, and overall just an imcomplete feature set. I downloaded and installed Opera, and everything just works.

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Opera. Mostly because I've been using it since my Windows 3.1 days. I find that its very stable and has an overall polished, professional feel to it. It's also quite small- only 4 MB but packs in plenty of features!

It's also proven to be the fastest and the most secure graphical web browser.

But I regularly use Firefox and IE too. Firefox because a few sites don't work in Opera, and a few extensions I find very useful, and IE because I use it as a honeypot!

Opera sucks if you're looking to get infected. Seriously. I mean, wtf, even the animated cursor bug didn't affect Opera, while Fx and IE were!

If you're looking for malware, avoid Opera. Period.

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