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[UPDATE] Energize 1.1 & Sources


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Hi XPize fans,

A new update to fix the Vista StatusBar bug.

Tell me if everything is ok now.

I am not anymore under XP (Vista time for me) so I can not test the new installer...

Screenshot: Preview

It integrates the following features:

- Visual Style (Aero Basic Mod) UPDATE

- Something like 200 files patched to get a Vista touch

- Logon screen

- Screensaver

- Vista animation (avi)

- Cursors

- Sounds

- Some Vista Wallpapers

- Bootscreen

- Text remover for startpanel (logoff and shutdown buttons)

- Vista Drive Statusbar

Energize 1.1 - Download

Energize 1.1 - Sources

See U


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You will likely get a lot more people trying this pack if you post a screenshot and give a little more information about what this does.

Is it an addon to use in conjunction with XPize or a separate program?

Is it for Vista ro XP etc etc

Just a thought


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No kidding. You put the effort into creating something, have a little pride in your work and put up a screenshot. Rapidshare is a hassle, so unless I know what I'm getting into I'm not going to bother with dealing with the download.

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I have detected bugs linked this file (user32.dll), that's why I have disabled it in the install.

It has solved my issues but I do not understand yours. Sorry no answer from my side.

I will investigate and try to fix it.

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Just installed the beta on my German Windows XP Home and it's very, very good. Especially for a beta. Thanks!

Just a few comments:


The bootscreen was not applied (yes I did reboot two times). Don't know why, with Xpize it worked.


The visual style is also very good. But you should have a look at Leosss' Stolen5


He uses oddbasket's instructions for a vista orb and that looks better. So you could get rid of the crappy VistaStart app.


I don't like the logoff window. You should use something with an Aurora backup.


That would fit better.


Immediately after the installation I did a reload and 'mstscax.dll' was reloaded. Any idea why?


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