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  1. Microsoft has released a new KB936677, now you can slipstream it without problems!
  2. So, the only possibilities are to modify the PRO11.msi file with Orca or to copy the FM20ENU.DLL file in the system32 folder before installing Office? I hoped in something better.... I made a lot of tests but I didn't find any final solution....
  3. Thanks fragbert! Somebody found how to slipstream KB936677? Or fragbert and me are the only two with this problem?
  4. Same problem here (Office 2003 Pro ITA)! KB936677 doesn't slipstream! I read that you could slipstream SP3 and install Office 2003 SP3 without any problem with your MST. I'm trying also to do it, but I'm not able: can you explain me how to do it? Thanks!
  5. But with this batch file you don't modify the PRO11.msi file with zorro1's modifications! I'm trying to modify automatically the PRO11.msi file deleting the 3 lines founded by zorro1....
  6. I'm trying to create a batch file that can modify the PRO11.msi file with zorro1's modifications. With Orca I created a .mst file with the 3 changes, but it doesn't work.... I used this line (found here on MSFN): msiexec /i C:\Office11\PRO11.msi TRANSFORMS=C:\Office11\PRO11.mst Somebody can help me???? This is the complete batch file: @echo off mkdir %systemdrive%\OfficeTemp echo Integrazione Service Pack 3.... start /wait office2003SP3.exe /q /t:C:\OfficeTemp /c msiexec /p C:\OfficeTemp\MAINSP3.msp /a C:\Office11\PRO11.msi shortfilenames=true /qb msiexec /p C:\OfficeTemp\OWC11SP3.msp /a C:\Office11\OWC11.msi shortfilenames=true /qb del /q %systemdrive%\OfficeTemp echo Integrazione completata con successo! echo. Thanks!
  7. Work also for me (Office 2003 Pro ITA)! Thanks zorro1! That's very boring anyway.... also, I can't slipstream KB936677 (Update for Outlook 2003 Junk Email Filter), I always receive an error....
  8. Somebody can explain me why Windows Update tells me that I have to install KB931836 if I have already installed KB933360? KB931836 should be replaced. In fact if I try to install it, I receive an error because I have a newer version of tzchange.exe. Is a Windows Update bug? Thanks!
  9. I mean that if you go on Microsoft Bulletin page, KB935448 is not present, because it's not part of the monthly security update. However, as the_guy said, it's for sure an high priority release, so if you want to consider it as a security update, it is right to include it in this list!
  10. In my opinion, KB935448 is a Windows update and not an hotfix, so it shouldn't be included in the hotfix list. Then, what hotfix has replaced KB928843? Thanks!
  11. That's really a great job! Great work peyronnx, thank you very much!
  12. Microsoft has released KB925902, here is the link: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/security/...n/MS07-017.mspx KB896424 and KB912919 are replaced for both Windows 2000 SP4 and Windows XP SP2. Bye!
  13. Thanks Bledd! I have tried VistaCG and also VistaLuna.... but I continue to prefer Luna Royale theme! Very nice work, anyway!

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