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  1. Unfortunately no you can't. The routers your referencing are not just routers but are actually gateways. A gateway is a modem and router built into one devise. That being said if you have an ADSL gateway means you have a ADSL modem and router built into one. ADSL uses the phone line as the medium to bring you the internet. Cable uses coax. What you would need is a cable gateway. A few examples are the NETGEAR CG814M Wireless Cable Modem Internet Gateway and the Linksys wcg200 Wireless-G Cable Gateway Cable Modem with Built-In Wireless-G Router. But i would talk with your isp and confirm which gateway would work best with their services.
  2. Gmail

    I at one time had found a download that would enable me to change my default email client to Gmail in the properties of my start menu. This would also change the icon in my start menu from outlook express to Gmail. if anyone knows how or where this download is please tell me. I have searched but unfortunately came up with nothing. Thank you
  3. Calling Scripts

    This question stems from the numerous install errors that i have gotten when trying to create silent installs. Although it is much easier for one to use the hard work of other posters in this forum and use their premade installs like RyanVM, Shark007, and others, I would like, if not just for my own understanding how to do them myself without errors. I understand mostly how to do such but the the one main question i have is when you have to call a script: Example comes from Killerbees' post. It says to write a script and call it setup.txt and put it in the same folder as setup.exe Then call the setup.txt like setup.exe -r:path\to\ooo\setup.txt -debug Now my question: If you want to make a 7zip silent install and you compress the setup.txt file in the same folder with the setup.exe how do you know the path to the setup.txt file? or do you have to put the setup.txt file somewere in the %oem% folder so that you know exactly were all your setup files are?
  4. [UPDATE] Energize 1.1 & Sources

    user32.dll error I recieve this error when i reboot. How should i fix it. During the install it doesn't give me the option of replacing it.
  5. RegTweaks 0.4.2

    Just wanted you to know that about half way threw the other software reg file you switch from english to portugese or spanish. I'm sure i can translate it back so no big problem for me however i thought you'd might like to know.
  6. I have to give you props Gunsmokingman. Your a good man. I have absolutely no need for this prog. Just impressed at your response to (i assume) a complete strangers need.
  7. Try this @Echo OFF CLS FOR %%i IN (D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z) DO IF EXIST %%i:\win51ip.SP2 SET CD=%%i: REGEDIT /s %CD%\GROM\Z\Theme.reg exit and place the cmd file in your $OEM$\$$ Directory. [GuiUnattended] DetachedProgram=".\system32\cmd.exe" Arguments="/Q /C "start /min "%systemroot%\Theme.cmd%""" I think that will work for you if not check out How to make a 7-zip Switch
  8. Google is the ruler

    I hope this doesn't get deleted but i couldn't help but respond to the person who wrote It's the second reply to this post. YOU SUCK!!! And fyi. . . .GREEN . . . yea, that color doesn't look good on anybody.
  9. Top 20 Unattended Apps?

    ????? Probably just a typo but. . . you wrote is that correct or did you want the apps that can be used in an unattended CD??
  10. Oh and just in case you don't know you no longer need to use autoit to intall the fonts and you really have the option of making the sfx and then calling it from the batch file like any other prog or calling the utility dirctly just make sure your fonts are in the same folder along with the "'fonts.dat'" file. cool? Good luck.
  11. you could try using fontinstaller.exe Check this page out. it tells you how to use the utiltiy and i've included a direct download too. PCRC Applications FontInstaller FontInstaller.exe
  12. yea don't know why but that doesn't work. CDImageGUI use CDImageGUI and then burn the image file with nero.
  13. Install Software From CD

    FOR %%i IN (D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z) DO IF EXIST %%i:\CD.txt SET CDROM=%%i: Then just create the file cd.txt or replace it with any other file that is on the root of the cd
  14. XPlode 4.3.50711.1385

    YOU PEOPLE IN HERE ARE CRAZY!!!!!!! I swear to God y'all would b***h if you where hung with a new rope. Seems to me some ,but especially XPlode's) really need to stop and ask themselves, how much of your life do you spend complaining about thing that honestly you didn't have anything to with to begin with becaue if you had we would be li EULA what??? Bottom line. You either have 3 weeks before you iether get to WOW with your XML skills again or come up off that wallet and spend the $10 and buy it, and oh yea right there is that whole double clicking on an installer thing. Those are your options people. Pick one please. And move on.
  15. What you say is very true about the number of multi CD being made, however even though i myself only own a DVD-ROM and DVD writer i still create a seperate CD with just Windows and all the bells and wistles that pertain to the operating system and then use either Nanaki's CDSwitch tool or Biohazards method. That way i have options. However I digress, now back to the topic of the forum the Windows Post Installation forum might be a good place to look. Even though it's a pick and choose which programs to beinstalld. And dosen't actually tell you exactly what specific programs the theme creater has installed, but i think it would be a fair assumption that more than likely the programs that he or she has installed is allso in the wpi theme they just created. So with that being said, if your question is really, What's the most installed program after the os to the least installed program? just look at a couple of the themes and you will beginto see a lot of the same progams which should give you some kinda idea about the types. ps It sould like a lot of work , but really most of the guys that create the various themes for wpi put so many "i aint ever heard of"apps that the repetative one really begin to stick out. Any way hope that helps you a little. Now my List!! [color=blue][u]Drum Roll Please[/u][color=gray] 7-zip All the XP Powertoys (except HTMLSlideShow & Deskman) Office2003 PaintShopPro8 quicktimealt142 realalt132 SetupDVDDecrypter Trackball vbrun60sp6 Visio2003 acroread701 bootvis DeskbarSetup DreamWeaverMX_v7 dvdshrink32setup GoogleToolbarInstaller ieSpellSetup211325 jre503 NeroNVE_Custom netfxsp1