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  1. Actually not even Vista style. And those arrows are HUGE...
  2. The switch I posted works without the need to extract DX.
  3. DirectX8 is definitely not DirectX 9 with April updates :\ And since when did "directx.exe /Q /T:%temp%" stopped working ?
  4. I use the one which comes with Kudesnik's Vista Icon Pack v3. It also comes with the icons for Floppy and CD\DVD drives so I think it's kinda better. Apart from the fact that it's not sleapstreamable and is built-in into the whole pack of course.
  5. I personally use original awxTools installer with /VERYSILENT /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES /NORESTART options and a custom reg file to add more supported formats. What have you added in your installer to make it less "limited" (can't possibly think of anything else it should do :\) ?
  6. Will it be possible to include Vista's HDD fillup indicators ? (See screenshot to understand what I mean)
  7. No idea, but probably it is where you put command line parameters for the installer inside SFX archive. But it's a wild guess, mind you.
  8. S2 means it'll have extraction progress bar.
  9. Yeah, repacking lots of stuff could be a problem. Especially when you have locked archives... Anyway /s is like the only switch out there for SFX archives. Sorry
  10. You need an install script for that (it's written in Comments field of SFX package). Use WinRAR help or search the forums for the thread explaining the command. In short if you want it to install to %ProgramFiles%\MyCoolApp you need something like: Path=MyCoolApp Silent=1 Overwrite
  11. Well yeah, I know about AutoIt. Thanks for the suggestions.
  12. And why would he need to mess up with colors or change them if it's Vista icons we are talking about ? Oh and Vista Transformation Pack is just a disaster.
  13. Any input ? Suggestions ? Go-to-hell-n00b's ? Anything ?
  14. I just run WPI from cmdlines.txt and everything else is being run from WPI.
  15. And what more functionality do you need here ? It installs the app, it deletes the junk.
  16. Perfect. Thanks. P.S. And yes, I was asking w\o previously downloading the pack. Not at my test rig now.
  17. Looks great but is there a way not to install Aero Basic ? I really, really hate the theme, especially that big and round Start button.
  18. Oh, that's even better. Thanks for the tip.
  19. I searched high and low and found out only switches for Pro edition. When I use /S or /SILENT or Personal edition MSI switch description pops up. Using /s /v"/qn doesn't help either.
  20. I happen to have the same problem with install failing. That's what I use (through WPI): %wpipath%\Install\jre.exe /s /v "/qn IEXPLORER=1 MOZILLA=1" Tried with no space between /v and " and with /S instead of /s with no avail :\ File is jre-1_5_0_11-windows-i586-p-s.exe EDIT: Figured it out. Install failed because the version of JRE on my VM was already the one being installed. Sorry for unnecessary thread necromancy.
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