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  1. OK, did the installation now: 1. Installation worked like a charm (despite the non-working restart button) 2. Could not test the Reloader since there was nothing to reload 3. Deinstallation also worked but in between WFP popped up and asked the usual blurb XPize.net looks very promising!
  2. The new installer is great! I like it. Did not run an installation yet, will do this this evening. Gonna report about my results (German XP Home SP 2).
  3. Why don't you upload your work at deviantART? Downloading from FileFactory or RapidShare is a real pain for most users. And on dA your work will get much more attention.
  4. Hi damian666, thanks for taking over from Energize! Your pack works flawlessly on my German Windows XP Home. Keep up the good work. martin10018
  5. Anyone??????????????? You mustn't. But you should (otherwise you will never be able to get your original XP icons back).
  6. You DID read the sentence directly above your post?
  7. The easiest way would have been the link to the homepage: http://www.planetharrington.com/products/s...tmenu/index.htm
  8. Uninstalling the patch solved the problem. XPize 4.6 is affected by the problem also.
  9. Just installed the beta on my German Windows XP Home and it's very, very good. Especially for a beta. Thanks! Just a few comments: --- The bootscreen was not applied (yes I did reboot two times). Don't know why, with Xpize it worked. --- The visual style is also very good. But you should have a look at Leosss' Stolen5 http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/52387808/ He uses oddbasket's instructions for a vista orb and that looks better. So you could get rid of the crappy VistaStart app. --- I don't like the logoff window. You should use something with an Aurora backup. That would fit better. --- Immediately after the installation I did a reload and 'mstscax.dll' was reloaded. Any idea why? ---
  10. VTP is well known for seriously damaging a lot of Windows installations. I highly recommend to stay away from it. Vistamizer is also very good but it has some little problems ATM. The XPize installer system is simply the best. Never had any problems with it.

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