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vLite 0.95 beta - Vibrations de liberté


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my results are in for v.95!

previously on same preset vista iso was 1100 mb now it is down to 750 mb.

Mainly because of printer driver separation.

Great progress!!

I want to include premium games which is not part of the 750 mb iso and fit it on a cd for the next version.

Thank you for the good work. keep it up! :)

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The possibility of choosing only the printer drivers you want is great. And I'm saving some space too :). Too bad that I can not install nVidia PureVideo decoder anymore, because I've removed Windows Media Player.

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I wanted to ask about a new feature in this version for quite some time, but I forgot it constantly:

new: Automatic registry defragmentation

I looked a bit in my new installation, but am curious how this is done. I do not see any programs, which are run from registry or an additional icon. Task scheduling can be disabled, so I asume it does not work by using that. So how is it done?

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HellasVagabond, who knows, it should.

Jeronimo, pre-install. Thing is before when vLite configured the reg entries it would leave it fragmented if some components removed (that's how Windows operate with it to do it faster), now it's all tidy. Obviously this doesn't change a thing in the entries, it's just how the registry is written to the hdd.

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Thank you for this excellent program. This the 2nd time I use V-lite after v.90b. Just a note, the Movie Maker and Windows Photo Gallery were not removed despite my ticking them, but all else seems OK. Once again thanks.

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I liked the unattended features of nLite and can't wait for Litetouch/Notouch to be included in vLite! Nice program otherwise, but not as useful as nLite until I can setup an answerfile. :)

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Hi nuhi,

I am in vLite boat!!!

Tested new vlite and iso size droped from 1100mb to 850. Would be nice to get more languages removed.

On hp nx9420 vista ultimate just flies, thank You.

Driver integration just fine, if i get it corectly it is possible to remove integrated drivers and integrate new ones?

Event log shows certain problems with atl driver, but as it is beta, it should be ok.

Registry - certain restictions on permissions of removed speech recognition support are vssible, but too many leftovers and using registry healer is dangerous, as vista cannot boot fully after clean up. Additional restrictions on leftovers are needed.

One event in event log seems unclear:

event id 1050, LSM

Registering with Service Control Manager to monitor Terminal Service status failed with The specified service does not exist as an installed service, retry in ten minutes.

Maybe this service was removed with speech recognition support?

Thanks for new adventure,

This one LOOKS very nice in Aero.



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