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  1. one think you could try to get your data off the faulty drive is to buy the exact same model again if you can get it and take (from the new drive) the controller board and fit it onto the older drive and if the BIOS on the old drives controller card is what's at fault you should be able to get your data off sorry if someone's posted this info earlier in the thread already
  2. I have been testing/using BTS's driver packs in personal and professional capacities and i have used his driver packs on all manner of pcs, terminals, embedded systems, and laptops for all manners of customers and i have had no problems whis his driver packs, in fact they are a godsend they halve my time taken to install operating systems on these units. When i first started to experirment with auto install CDs and DVDs i used virtual pc for testing to make sure the CDs and DVDs worked flawlessly before being used to install or upgrade a system. I had more errors from the ms hotfixes than i did with BTS stuff so i think you should give the guy a fair go instead of just bagging him. I am currently playing with the new version driverpacks base and that is a leap ahead and will make things so much easier to use and to make unatteneded CDs and DVDs so stick around mate you will like what you see Keep up the good work BST!
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