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  1. http://www.intowindows.com/how-to-uninstall-windows-7-sp1-service-pack-1/ Just my 2c. Never install a beta SP without making a backup image of your OS. Or at least make a system restore point prior to it.
  2. Not so. When you uncheck autoarrange, it holds that setting when you close the window and even when you restart the PC. I think most people reported the same as well. What it fails to do is make the setting global. You have to uncheck autoarrange for each **** folder you open except the ones you've already unchecked, those remain unchecked. That was my only gripe. Now some even reported @ social.answers.microsoft.com that it worked for them globally, but for most it hasnt. So it seems its not consistent. As someone else mentioned, it may help if you put it into a reg file to get it into wider circulation. I think its not much use just discussing one persons experiences with it which may not hold for others. * d.amn is a censored word?
  3. I saw it at the Winhelponline blog a couple months ago: http://www.winhelponline.com/blog/disable-full-row-select-explorer-windows-7/
  4. RTM x64. I double checked to make sure I wasnt missing anything, but nope I have no option to choose drives or partitions. The drives to be backed up are pre-selected and and shaded, ie, cant uncheck them. They inclued my XP dual boot installation on another drive, my Win7 partition and my large games partition (which is on the same drive): And as I scroll down the drives list, my 500gb games partition (H) is included as well: And it sees that large partiton as a "system" drive for some reason and is included "by default" as stated in the dialogue box.
  5. I just checked the backup options on Win7 x64. To make a system image, the only option that seems available is to image your ENTIRE drive, not just the Win 7 partition! I have a 640gb drive with a 40gb system partition and about 300gb of games/music on another partition which I do not want backed up but seems I would be forced to if I use the windows image backup. Incredible! Oh well, thankfully 3rd party apps offer logical, practical options, MS = fail on simple backup options.
  6. I had the same problem, inputting all the details for unattended and the serial prompt shows. First time in Vista, second time in XP-SP2 but still the serial prompt comes up. 3rd time repeated on XP-SP2 but this time it worked, no more serial prompt. Dont know what I did different the last time, hmm.
  7. amenx

    Intergrating SP3

    Hmm, I was prompted for a serial. This on SP3 slipstreamed into an SP2 disk.
  8. Am shocked at how quick my Vista SP1 (slipstreamed) installed after v-liting! And I didnt remove too much stuff, just languages, media center, some drivers and a few odds and ends, the install comes to around 5gb (with 500mb page file). If anyone wanted to go through the normal route that would be around 40 min + another 40 min for SP1. Not only that, but the pre-configuring of settings and preferences saves even more time. No question about it, for anyone owning Vista, V-lite is one of the most valuable softwares you can get. Been using it since the early days of Vista but its improved quite a bit since then. Impressed!
  9. I think some of the media files are removable, these are a few hundred mb's?
  10. vLite promises Windows Liposuction.
  11. I just tried to install SP1 RC1 and it wouldnt work because it asks for 7gb free space! I only have 5.5 free so it wouldnt go through with the install. Also just found out about it not working with Vlited systems, so thats another thing.
  12. amenx

    .NET 2.0 Lite

    Is .Net 2.0 big enough to be worth the effort? Aside from operating systems, MS Office would be a nice candidate for the chopping block.
  13. KB941649 installed and working fine here (vlite v1.0).
  14. Found it. Nothing to do with vlite, just a silly Vista behaviour which removes the run box MRU history if you uncheck "store and display list of recently opened files and programs" from the Start Menu. Thought this would just remove the Recent files, folder, but seems to do more than that.
  15. Recently installed Vista with 1.1b and I found no automplete (for example in the run command which I use a lot). Could it be something I checked in the 1.1b options, i.e, no recent files or something that caused this?
  16. Sure, it would fail whenever the temp folder was outside of the OS partition. I think Vlite searches for biggest partition available and uses that for the temp files, I simply selected the "default" option which put it back in C (I think C:\Users\Default\AppData\Local\Temp?). BTW, this problem occured to me in both XP and Vista.
  17. Happened to me yesterday as well. Set the options for the temp folder to the default location and problem solved. This seems the stablest Vista installation for me yet, not a single BSOD yet which usually occured when I installed certain MS updates. Quite happy, thanks Nuhi.
  18. Just curious, how would XP see Vista when you try to install it? Will it recognize it and give you the option of installing on a drive other than C?
  19. Its very tough to remove some things in Vista, the permissions/ownership hurdles will exasperate you, even with a full admin account. I wanted to delete the large movie files/samples in Movie Maker and had to go into safe mode to delete each item seperately, it wouldnt allow me to delete folders, which makes the effort unworthwhile with many files.
  20. Thank you for this excellent program. This the 2nd time I use V-lite after v.90b. Just a note, the Movie Maker and Windows Photo Gallery were not removed despite my ticking them, but all else seems OK. Once again thanks.
  21. Altho 4gigs is the max for 32bit Vista, the top memory addressing of that is allocated to your mobo devices, hardware. Graphics cards, especially with 512mb mem or more can push down your usable system RAM to below 3gb. Whats your graphics card?
  22. I've recently upped my RAM to 4gb and it also reads 3325mb in the Task Mgr. Frankly I did this out of curiousity as I had an extra 2gb of RAM laying around so plugged them in. Didnt really expect to see any improvement in performance but I was wrong! Certain games that would write several hundred mb to the pagefiles would do that no more, still some pagefile activity but its was minimal. And it was much smoother playing these games. Also Superfetch seems to load more apps and assign more memory to them with 4gb, at certain points the task mgr was reporting almost all the memory used with less than 10mb free, so you know these will be quite responsive when needed. This with a 965P chipset board (Gigabyte DS3), I think older boards may not see the same results.
  23. I had posted also this in the Vista communities and just received a reply by Ramesh (MVP): Well to try it out I re-associated the zip with WinRAR and tried the above reg edit and it works. Theres a bunch of reg fixes in the link Ramesh provided for various file extensions as well.
  24. If you can exchange it for an identical stick, that would better your chances of running it in dual channel, which would increase your memory bandwidth and performance. Otherwise it should work as is (maybe not in a dual channel config) but you may have to re-adjust the memory timings of the faster stick to be the same as the slower stick. I would think the Dimm voltages are the same (1.8v) with that type of memory, but if not, you may have to adjust that as well.
  25. Theres a huge blunder here it seems, the ZIP file association is non-existent in Vistas default programs panel. The list of file associations does not include ZIP (at least with my V.Ultimate installation). And watch out if you associate a ZIP file thru a 3rd party compression app, i.e., WinRAR, IZarc, etc, theres no way to get back Windows default compression function (thru conventional means)! You cant use the 'open with' command because the compressed folder function in Vista is not thru some executable file that you can browse to to associate with! I only managed to get it back by restoring a reg backup!

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