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nLite 1.3 Final - Gas Powered Commander


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Ah you know...gotta fix it to be able to move on. If it was up to me you would have bugs and more features but the people have spoken.

If your bug still isn't resolved and you think it's genuine and annoying enough just bump your topic please, otherwise you can suggest something new for the 1.4.

Changelog and download

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I'm so happy to finally see some bugs squashed and a FINAL version released rather then some betas and RCs. They aren't bad, but when you wanna do a really good nLite install you want the best, and preferably as bug-free as you can make it. Thanks again for such a wonderful utility!

I was moments from PMing you to casually ask whether we'd have v1.3 Final within the next 6 months. *laughs* But your speed and responsiveness is quite good!

I do request that there be a focus on bug-fixing moreso then new features/tweaks, so that at least once the bugs are pretty much done, future bugs can be fairly isolated to the introduction of new features and will thus make things much better. I know you won't open-source nLite but perhaps its a thought for the future...maybe within 10 years? ^_^

I've been delaying a reinstall for months now. No more delays! Yes!

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nuhi rox!

features for 1.4 eh?


display local zone (my computer) on the security tab of the internet properties UI

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\Lockdown_Zones

Change the Flags DWORD to remove the 0x00000020 flag and now you should be able to see the My computer icon in the Security Tab in inetcpl UI.

ability to set basic default security options for IE (low, med, high, etc) for all zones

ability to make the "search for file and folders" app search for text strings in ALL file extensions (see method 2 here: http://www.petri.co.il/windows_xp_search_bug.htm)

set default save location (instead of having the "save as" dialog go to "my documents" all the time)

and for the big finale...

get rid of that blasted "my documents" folder shortcut that's on top of the list (split pane view) in every explorer window you open. would be good to be able to set the default directory when you run explorer too instead of having it start in "my documents".

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It is so glad to see "Intel graphics driver integration" getting fixed

I don't know if this can be improved or not (I can live with it):

Lately I've been using nLite to make Simplified Chinese version XP ISO files

everything works perfect expcet when nLite writes to "TXTSETUP.SIF" file,

it has garbled text lines such as under


MyPicturesScreenSaver = "图片收藏屏幕保护程序.scr"






and a few more.

I can always copy & paste from the the original txtsetup file accordingly(if not, the installation process will generate certain files can't be copied error), it would be nice to see nLite can do the job at once.

Once last thing:

I always have problem with nLite 1.3 RCs (haven't tried the final yet) where the integrated IE7 couldn't run at all. "Unexpected errors occured" was the error message. A reinstallation of IE7 after the system is up will fix the problem. I don't have the same problem with nLite 1.2 final.

Thanks and keep up the great work!

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strotee76, will see about it.

darkwraith007, but that is what is killing Microsoft, no time for inovations only fixing :), but yeah no other way...so long cruel world.

gskening, check your encoding, should be Unicode I think.

deskman, are you sure that nLite was doing that? Older versions of WMP Slipstreamer had that issue but they solved it.

If you are sure then please send me your original txtsetup.sif on my mail, you can find it on the first page of the program.

Kiki Burgh, you may :)

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