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  1. Weird nLite 1.4 error!

    Please install VC2008 SP1 : http://download.microsoft.com/download/5/9...credist_x86.exe
  2. nLite v1.4.9 error !

    Install VC2008 SP1 : http://download.microsoft.com/download/5/9...credist_x86.exe OK!
  3. Chinese for Office 2000/XP/2003/2007 Slipstreamer - version 1.6 Final Chinese.rar
  4. Chienese translation for version 1.5! Chinese_1.5.zip
  5. Chienese translation for version 1.6! Chinese_1.6.zip
  6. nLite 1.4 beta - Back to the roots

    A bug? Is this right?
  7. FrameworkLite R3 ?

    First I install nLited XP and install FrameworkLite R3 ,but nlite can not work.so I uninstall FrameworkLite R3 and install .NET Framework 2 form Microsoft, nlite can work then.
  8. FrameworkLite R3 ?

    FrameworkLite R3 is the one causing the failure, whole dotNet 2.0 is OK!
  9. FrameworkLite R3 ?

    I can't use nLite 1.3f on my nLited XP wihch has been installed FrameworkLite R3. Help me
  10. nLite problem

    open intl.inf and del SIMSUN.TTC,,,65536 OK!
  11. nLite 1.3 Final - Gas Powered Commander

    Simplified Chinese for nLite 1.3 FINAL I checked my encoding, and modified the lang file . Now it is Unicode. Sorry for my mistake. Simplified_Chinese_1.3_final.rar
  12. vLite 0.9 beta - Two rings to rule them all

    Excellent,thanks very much!
  13. Hi,MSFN!

    I am a fresh man!