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  1. My HP dv4 1220us shows a blue screen when trying install XP

    Now I'm the my job, so tonight I'll take a picture and post it here. Thanks!
  2. Hi everybody! My new HP dv4 1220us shows me a blue screen (error screen) when trying install XP SP3. The XP SP3 was created with nLite and it works with my other laptop Inspiron 1525 but with the dv4 doesn't. This blue screen appears immediately xp starts to load. What can I do to solve this problem?
  3. nLite - Honey Turbo 9.1

    Windows XP Service Pack 3 RTM Build 5512 is here, but only for TechNet Plus Subcribers jejeje!!! At last God!!! More info: http://news.softpedia.com/news/Windows-XP-...ere-83974.shtml
  4. I have a little question, I've heard about "Silent Switch", Can I use it? and How?
  5. nLite - Honey Turbo 9.1

    Can I integrate the new Windows Installer 4.5 Beta 2 with the last nlite?
  6. Yes, you are right, I'll try to do the addons
  7. But I don't know how!!!
  8. follow the URL in my signature. from there you can download a pre-prepared shockwave installer and there are URL's to flash as an MSI. just use usual msi switches shark Can I Integrate your flash and shockwave installers directly with nLite???
  9. Hello everybody!!! I want a Adobe Flash Player 9.0.115 addon and Adobe Shockwave addon for Internet Explorer on my Windows XP Pro. If you need the full installers, I will post the links here. Thanks!!! Download Flash Player 9.0.115 full installer Download Shockwave full installer
  10. [Filled] Windows Live Messenger 9 Beta

    Incredible, you are a genius, Thanks a lot again!!!
  11. Hi everybody, again!!! I would like to add the Windows Live Messenger 9 Beta on my Windows XP Pro. By deafult in english of course but if it is posible in spanish please!!! I have the WLM 9 beta in spanish if you need it!!! Download WLM Beta 9 Spanish
  12. [Filled] Windows Live Mail Addon

    Thanks a lot for your addon, where do you come from??? Do you speak spanish?
  13. [Release] Windows Live Mail 2008 v14.0.5027.908

    Thanks a lot!!! Gracias!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. [Filled] Windows Live Mail Addon

    I tried the Tunderbird sometime ago but I really prefer the Windows Live Mail