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  1. Speeddymon, thanks for help. My CD is original from Microsoft and the media is fine. I just slipstream localized versions of updates on my unattended cds. I run on a partition with 10Gb of free space and I copy the sources many times on different folders and partitions to try the slipstream process. No success. My final thought was reformat my disc and install a full system. After that everything is fine again. Maybe it was my fault or maybe nlite´s. If was mine, sorry to disturb. If was nLite, there is no problem. nLite rocks...
  2. Hi all. I got these weird error when integrating WMP11 with nLite 1.4.1 and WMP11 Slipstreamer 0.96. some help, please? WMP11 error IE7 error winxp result folder Last_Session.ini thanks
  3. Hi all, I´m developing an application for tournament management, but I don´t know how to draw the main draw on screen with the standard Delphi components. Can anyone help me with this? There is an example of main draw on attachments. thanks MainDrawExample.doc
  4. Cool!!! glad to see WMP11 support on this...
  5. Hi, Portuguese Brazil version is available too: ftp://ftp.adobe.com/pub/adobe/reader/win/...Rdr80_pt_BR.exe regards
  6. yes. I think I used the tcp-ip patch. could this be the problem. I will use just the addon pack to try out the virtualbox machine. will post results later.
  7. yeah, but I think this is not the problem... I replaced your wmplayer.exe with the original one, because I needed an "original source". I have integrated IE7 too, so, I will make one iso just with wmp11 addon to see what happens. There is a way to know what file sfc is overwriting?
  8. boooggy, as I said before, I translated your WMP11 tweaked version addon to portuguese brazilian. I have integrated this with nlite on a winxp pro sp2 and I notice that sfc complains about a file after install. I don´t know what file is. can you confirm that or I miss something?
  9. I bought a Sony VAIO VGN-FE770G recently with Windows XP Media Center 2002 installed. I pluged the ethernet cable on it (was working fine on ACER laptop), but nothing happens. The message that the connectivity is limited or null show up to me. I have DHCP enabled. Tried static IP with no succes. Can someone help me? Modem is: Motorola SURFboard® SB5120 Cable Modem. (this is router too?)
  10. I´ll use this laptop to connect internet, check e-mails, edit text, presentation, and so on. Like a small business. After a fast search, I can say that these are my choices: HP Pavilion dv6000t (Core 2 Duo): $729 http://shopper.cnet.com/HP_Pavilion_dv6000...02.html?tag=pop Lenovo ThinkPad R60 (Core™ 2 Duo Processor): $679.00 http://www.pc.ibm.com/us/notebooks/thinkpa...p;cid=US1A00002 ACER Aspire AS5100: $708.99 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16834115283 Dell Inspiron E1505 (Core Duo 1.60GHz/80GB/1GB): $699 http://shopper.cnet.com/Dell_Inspiron_E150...03.html?tag=pop Dell Latitude D520: $699 http://configure.us.dell.com/dellstore/con...p;c=US&l=EN Dell Business Inspiron 6400 (Core Duo 1.83GHz, 1GB RAM, 60GB HDD): $629 http://configure.us.dell.com/dellstore/con...p;c=US&l=EN Lenovo ThinkPad R60: $679 http://www.pc.ibm.com/us/notebooks/thinkpa...p;cid=US1A00002 HP Pavilion dv2000t: $719.99 http://reviews.cnet.com/HP_Pavilion_dv2000...04.html?tag=txt but I have one problem: the guy who will buy the laptop on EUA for me, can not find the same product for the same price as those web prices, right? so I just have to recommend the processor that I want: Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Turion 64 X2. advices on these?
  11. Yeah! could be. but why I´ll buy a Sempron64 if I can buy a Intel Core Duo with this price?
  12. I need to buy a laptop but I only have $700. What is the best machine that can I buy with this much? Please, no Celeron or Sempron!!!
  13. Nero Micro Southern Europe - SIMPLE AWESOME. thanks
  14. FINAL 8.0.812 can I replace some files with hacked´s ones? (on a ptb working release) Bola Jones
  15. anyone knows a visual style royale like skin in red color?
  16. BaRoMeTR, I have an ADSL connection and I remove all network and tcp/ip services and components. The only issue is that if I remove DHCP Client, an icon on taskbar is showing trying to search a network. I fix this configuring some IP on TCP/IP protocol on Local Area Connection. I use for IP, Gateway defaullt and first DNS Server. But any IP will work. So you don´t need any component that nLite can remove for now. It is ok to you?
  17. I like BlackICE. I used to use this firewall some time ago. Now, no firewall for me, or I´ll use Windows built´in. BlackICE PC Protection 3.6.cpa: http://www.iss.net
  18. nuhi, can I get back image view on xp 32-bit? I forgot to keep this. EDIT: can I just copy shimgvw.dll and register with regsvr32 /i function to get back? I will try later and post a feedback. PS: I am counting days to have RC7 on my hands and then, finally, nLite FINAL release. cheers
  19. bolajones


    aheuaheuaheahue I can understand you ScubaSteve! I have searched for the topic Ðrзω™, and XPero said that will not include the mod because it will grow the XPize size. yeah, he is not wrong, so I will use the RoyalMod by my own! XPero, RoyalMod or Royal Four (I think), like you suggeted on some topics ago, have more colors, is it an argument to you? hehehe maniaq had suggested before me...
  20. sonic, this is what I have made, but some hotfixes are not in others packages or have been replaced, so I have to look closer for changes. I will make an update pack in brazilian portuguese just with the shown on windows update, but I need some space on web, to share with all others guys who wants this. can someone help with a host, preference free?
  21. bolajones


    XPero, I really like your work on XPize, I use this, so now I'm rendering on desktops mods. The Luna I don't liked, but now, Royal theme is great. Just to test some Vista themes, but too dark. I know that isn't yours, but is in XPize, and I found RoyalMod, the only difference are more colors and the size of Caption bars and Taskbar, from 25 to 21 pixels. Would you consider using this on next XPize? Will be great! RoyalMod Full Menu from grrinder thanks
  22. I have some question: Why Ryan Update Pack, AutoPatcher XP, XPSP3-Preview from s.p.a.m.net, Windows Update, Windows Update Catalog, and others, have diferent hotfixes? They should to be the same, but none of them are equals. Ryan said that his update have all post XPSP2, s.p.a.m too, AutoPatcher, as I know, just have the hotfixes listed on Windows Update and I went to the Microsoft Download Center and searched for updates, a list of 188 updates was showed for my language and 424 updates for english. Thats a huge number! I want to make an update pack for Brazilian Portuguese, like Ryan's, but I am not concerned about what list of hotfixes to folow. Any help? thanks guys
  23. This is just an attempt to modd my desktop. Vista inspirat and MS Brazilian 505 years wallpaper theme plus Royale. aheuaeh cool!
  24. aehauehae not very good? ok! some tip to me? I prefer my logon screen that your xpize logon. that's why I made my own! aehaueaueh and I used your nlite logo, that is funny!!!

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