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  1. regular= install at windows install direct= replace source files with files from update (if newer are found) and ad needed reg entries
  2. hulkviper


    If you are updating Vista source you need vLite Are you updating XP or Vista source on your installed Vista?
  3. hulkviper

    Which partition?

    Options/Folders/Windows path
  4. You mean create filelists of added and removed files? I think it is a great idea!
  5. I'm sure radix means for your next nLited windows. no need to make a new one just for WFP, just disable it with the tool mentioned above.
  6. take this attached file and disable it! WFPswitch.7z
  7. Why don't you integrate service pack 1 and 2 ? Then that problem will be solved. If you don't like what SP1 and SP2 has, just remove what you don't need with nLite
  8. If you need it, then ok ( hope someone can help ) But if it is just an error in EventLog it isn't much to worry about. Most of us have errors in EventLog
  9. Don't think so. Have rule for nliting, whenever a new nLite comes, use a unmodified/clean source. Do not use a source you have used a old nLite on...... Do you still have Shell Services in Components?
  10. Did you select Clean pagefile at shutdown in Tweaks ?
  11. Thats caused by Shell Services removal. But you haven't selected that in your session, is it your first session?
  12. How to make windows setup look black like this?
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