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NT4 Visual Update 3 Release Candidate 1


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Release: NT4VU3 Release Candidate 1

[New Features in NT4VU3 Release Candidate 1]

Tahooma Font

[updated in NT4VU3 Release Candidate 1]

Minor Fixes


This build is seperated supports both Windows NT4 Workstation and Windows NT4 Server.

There are three different builds, NT4 Server, NT4 Workstation with the standard shell and NT4 Workstation with the shell update. NT4 Server with the shell update is not supported. NT4 Terminal Server is also not supported.

NT4VU3 Release Candidate 1 Workstation (Standard Shell) - Download

NT4VU3 Release Candidate 1 Worstation (Shell Update) - Download

NT4VU3 Release Candidate 1 Server - Download

To download many of the old versions of NT4VU because you have nothing better to do with your time.


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I wonder what is recommended way to apply this new version to previous one. I installed NT4VU3 Beta 2 few months ago on my NT4 workstation but unfortunatelly some icons didn't change its look in my localized version due to different names of files containing icons as I suspect.

The only change I dislike in NT4VU3 is new OPENSAVE Dialog which covered my favorite applet Quick Folders v1.0.1


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probably the easiest thing to do is restore all the resources using the installer and then copy the new resources from RC1 into the resources directory and then repatch everything.

The open/save dialog shouldnt have really changed I only patched some resources not sure what caused that.

Are you running NT4 with the standard shell or the shell update

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Well the thing is this pack was never intended for Windows 2000 (NT5) which is why the tray (stobject.dll I think) and some various icons haven't patched.

Something like vistapack or what will be 7ize would be more effective for 2000 because they were intended for 2000 whereas I've only tested NT4VU on various flavours of NT4.

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This hasn't been updated since 2009 and I assume it's a dead project. But anyway, should anyone feel to pick up on this. Please consider this (or just for the record):

The term "shell update" has not been immediately clear to me. It's ~15 yrs ago since I last installed Windows NT 4.0 Workstation and I've simply forgotten many things which are just slowly coming back to my attention now that I'm in the process of preparing a virtual machine. It could be noted that the shell update actually is part of the Active Desktop Update and requires IE4 (IE 6 [sP1] do not install Active Desktop out of the box, one has to tweak the installer or manually install from IE4SHLNT.CAB).

The NT4VU3 RC1 (shell update version) did not work for me after I had installed the "hard way" (install IE6 SP1 to find that Quick Launch Bar is missing, uninstall IE6, install IE 4.01 SP2 including Active Desktop, update to IE 6 SP1). Obviously that was before I found the tip regarding IE4SHLNT.CAB. However, icons were garbled after I installed NT4VU3 and I thought it would be good idea to install the old NT4 version of TweakUI and do a repair [Rebuild icons]. What a big mistake! Result was that all icons were gone, even inside the Windows Explorer folder bar. Directories could no longer be opened, instead a console window running cmd.exe would pop up...

Another problem was that Windows Installer 2.0 did no longer work. Even simply reinstalling this did not work and failed with an error message. I had to unpack the exe and manually install the two contained INF files to restore Windows Installer. It can easily be shown that this is caused by NT4VU3: Just run the installed program and let it check files. It will find two files (msi.dll and msiexec.exe). Hit patch and see Windows Installer fail again afterwards. It seems to me NT4VU3 is not compatible with version 2.0

So I decided to start again with a previous vm snapshot, this time using the other NT4VU3 RC1 installer (standard shell version). This ran fine and icons were updated to 32 bit as it should be. Now I am considering to do the shell update. How would I get the patched version of explorer.exe? Because of the previous experience, I don't want to undo patches and install the shell version of NT4VU3 RC1. Is there a way to patch the explorer.exe manually? Any other files to be considered?

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A bit late but it might be useful to you.

Yeah this is pretty much dead I did start making a final version but I wasn't hugely motivated to continue at the time because I got very limited feedback so I assumed not many people used it.

As for the issue with icons disappearing I'm not sure what went wrong except perhaps the icon colour depth being set wrong, I think I had some issue here but could never quite reproduce it.

I'm sure I had Windows Installer 2.0 when I was doing this and it was working fine but perhaps I did not test any msi files so you could be right.

As for patching the stuff from the shell update manually I guess you can do it just run the resource hacker scripts manually from the explorer.exe and shell32.dll directories (I only patched these 2 files, I could never make webview look like I wanted.)

(you probably have to worry about them being in use but you can rename them and patch a copy or something like that)

I'll run up an NT4 VM later and see what happens with windows installer and the shell update and ie6 and see what happens

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