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  1. one of the best I've been using for years http://www.aplusfreeware.com/categories/mmedia/FastStoneCapture.html
  2. As far I remember it seems to be WPA2 ready https://www.orange.pl/kid,4002321163,id,4002532534,title,sterowniki-do-adapterow-Sagem-WiFi-,article.html
  3. Palemoon 3.6.32's been my main browser for the latest years. Unfortunatelly I couldn't print so I found and installed few pdf printing add-ons which were able to create pdf files outside the typical printing system schema without any glitches https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/printpdf/ https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/print-edit/ I start printing by clicking the proper place in FF9 menu, then confirm W98 print task window. Firefox report appears immediately:"Firefox had a problem........." If I did it properly Winspool.drv API's used by FF are ClosePrinter DocumentPropertiesW EnumPrintersW OpenPrinterW PrintDlg* functions from Comdlg32.dll first: CommDlgExtendedError GetOpenFileNameW GetSaveFileNameW PrintDlgW second: GetSaveFileNameA GetOpenFileNameA CommDlgExtendedError PrintDlgA Core.ini: contents=std,kexbases,kexbasen
  4. I have the same problems with the operation of kex 4.5.2016 1. I can not print from firefox 9.01 what was possible before v.2016 2. firefox crashes while surfing pages with photos trying to move it on page. Look at this: Mozilla Crash Reporter.txt
  5. I've been using "Sagem XG-760N" for years. Find it here: https: //www.wireless-driver.com/sagem-xg760n-usb-wifi-adapter-windows-drivers-and-utility/ rgds,
  6. It is part of Whistler98 theme by Svenne here
  7. @CharlesF Please confirm if this link RP9_Skin_collection.rar works
  8. Greenpalmer, Could you specify details of your Ms Outlook problem because my XP Outlook works fine under 98SE, but I don't use it often
  9. Hi, I may have found a bug in "Intel® 82801EB (ICH5 Family) USB2 Enhanced Host Controller -24DD" of my COMPAQ D530 after installed latest 98 SESP 3.0 FINAL. The controller referred to USBEHCI.SYS 5.1.2600.1515(xpsp2.040410-0905). Fixing it I changed USBEHCI.SYS to v.5.00.2195.6882
  10. 1. I did test revision 263 of previous RC4-5.rar twice at least 2. revision 262 from the updated RC4-5 is buggy as 263+ ones
  11. Tihiy, that's what I've found in my 98 unit CoWait.zip
  12. Hi, I reported my printing problem here Today I've tested all revision of RC4-5.rar twice nearly. First I decided to print Excel sheet and printing went well for all revision up to finally installed KeX 4.5 Than I started printing *.doc file and the bug appeared with revision #263 andfurther ones. That text file has been printed from MsOffice and OO 3.21 where distinctly showed on the screen its frozen process HTH
  13. I've just done what you suggested. It doesn't work. I am sending Filemon log of printing text file in Writer. What's funny this text printed from Wordpad goes smoothly regards, OO.print.failure..zip
  14. I have to report a bug found while printing Excel sheet to LAN printer HP LJ 2200DN No matters if I use OO or Excel it freezes computer so only Ctrl-Alt-Del left to regain control Uninstalling KEx helped at once WIN 98SE KEx 4.5 RC5 RP 9.67 WATSON00.zip
  15. Hi, I have to mention ScanDefrag here. It runs with my 98SE but it can defrag 2000, XP and newer systems too. I recommend using it with restrictive mode on. At least I do that in my 98SE. regards,
  16. Hi, I might have found a bug while repairing Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 regards, WATSON06.zip
  17. Hi, I've been succesfully working with Killcopy 2.82 for the last few years. (http://web.archive.org/web/20050608005843/http://killprog.narod.ru/killcopye.html) Just uploaded it here http://rapidshare.com/files/418771720/KCinst282.exe Version 2.85 mentioned above is for winNT family only
  18. Hi, There must be a bug in latest version. First I noticed Flashget from my autostart folder (98SE) didn't start properly and executed its own bug report window. Then explorer.exe (4.72.3612.1700) and other apps (K-meleon, Groupwise) caused DrWatson to appear. DRWATSON.7z
  19. Hi, Recently my favourite one is Word-Reader http://www.word-reader.com/
  20. Hi, I found a bug in the latest version. It refers to K-meleon 1.54 favicons which slowly became black. Similar problem one can find with K-meleon 1.6b4 favicons. There was no such issue while RP9.1 was installed. W98SE + RP9.63 + KEX4.5b2
  21. Tihiy, I couldn't install this new RP95 on my 98SE with RP91 working
  22. JorgeA, I would recommend to try "heap extender" http://www.msfn.org/board/heap-extender-t136171.html smart piece of soft by Tihiy developed one year ago unfortunately not completed yet

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