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  1. one of the best I've been using for years http://www.aplusfreeware.com/categories/mmedia/FastStoneCapture.html
  2. As far I remember it seems to be WPA2 ready https://www.orange.pl/kid,4002321163,id,4002532534,title,sterowniki-do-adapterow-Sagem-WiFi-,article.html
  3. Palemoon 3.6.32's been my main browser for the latest years. Unfortunatelly I couldn't print so I found and installed few pdf printing add-ons which were able to create pdf files outside the typical printing system schema without any glitches https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/printpdf/ https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/print-edit/ I start printing by clicking the proper place in FF9 menu, then confirm W98 print task window. Firefox report appears immediately:"Firefox had a problem........." If I did it properly Winspool.drv API's used by FF are ClosePrinter DocumentPropertiesW EnumPrintersW OpenPrinterW PrintDlg* functions from Comdlg32.dll first: CommDlgExtendedError GetOpenFileNameW GetSaveFileNameW PrintDlgW second: GetSaveFileNameA GetOpenFileNameA CommDlgExtendedError PrintDlgA Core.ini: contents=std,kexbases,kexbasen
  4. I have the same problems with the operation of kex 4.5.2016 1. I can not print from firefox 9.01 what was possible before v.2016 2. firefox crashes while surfing pages with photos trying to move it on page. Look at this: Mozilla Crash Reporter.txt
  5. I've been using "Sagem XG-760N" for years. Find it here: https: //www.wireless-driver.com/sagem-xg760n-usb-wifi-adapter-windows-drivers-and-utility/ rgds,
  6. It is part of Whistler98 theme by Svenne here
  7. @CharlesF Please confirm if this link RP9_Skin_collection.rar works
  8. Greenpalmer, Could you specify details of your Ms Outlook problem because my XP Outlook works fine under 98SE, but I don't use it often
  9. Hi, I may have found a bug in "Intel® 82801EB (ICH5 Family) USB2 Enhanced Host Controller -24DD" of my COMPAQ D530 after installed latest 98 SESP 3.0 FINAL. The controller referred to USBEHCI.SYS 5.1.2600.1515(xpsp2.040410-0905). Fixing it I changed USBEHCI.SYS to v.5.00.2195.6882
  10. 1. I did test revision 263 of previous RC4-5.rar twice at least 2. revision 262 from the updated RC4-5 is buggy as 263+ ones
  11. Tihiy, that's what I've found in my 98 unit CoWait.zip
  12. Hi, I reported my printing problem here Today I've tested all revision of RC4-5.rar twice nearly. First I decided to print Excel sheet and printing went well for all revision up to finally installed KeX 4.5 Than I started printing *.doc file and the bug appeared with revision #263 andfurther ones. That text file has been printed from MsOffice and OO 3.21 where distinctly showed on the screen its frozen process HTH

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