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NT4 Visual Update 3 Release Candidate 1


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awergh great job :thumbup

Would it be possible to have some "minimalistic" version of your VU?

Ie just all the xp icons?

(or just the icons + patched explorer for n00bs)

I like your work, but to be honest Im not fan of vista's stuff, sorry :blushing:

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good to know that 1.01 works since i didnt check to see if it worked, though i do just about have to reinstall nt4 on my test box, ill probably do that after i release nt4vu2 beta 2 which is progressing nicely

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New Release:

NT4 Visual Update 2 Beta 2

New Features:

Better Proxy Login Dialog

Printer Wizard Update

Some Better Windows Media Player 7 Icons \ Dialogs

Newer Icons here and there


fixed Shell32.dll with betterish avis, ones with transparecy though old.


transparent42.zip : Small program to provide transperent labels on desktop icons.

welcome.exe : Vista Welcome Center for NT4 (Requires VB6 Runtimes)

(bmp for welecome.exe http://www.divshare.com/download/1793429-297

put into system32 directory)

Download 5.44MB


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feedback would be nice anyway

i forgot to acutally post a screenshot of the welcome center that is included


its a replication of the vista welcome center for nt4

marxo helped me a lot on this.

its included in the other folder (i think) in nt4vu2b2

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NT4 Visual Update 2 RC1 Released

New Features

Refresh.exe : Refreshes the icon cache. (Damian666)

Installer.exe: Graphical Fronted installer redone in vb6 and actually works now.

Lots of apps patched.

More IE stuff Icons.

More WMP6.4 Icons patched

More OE6 Icons Patched

OE6 Splash Patched

Personalised Settings Dialog Patched

Reconecting Network Drives Dialog Patched

OBDC Stuff Patched

Script icons Patched

Mail icon Patched

User32.dll Completly Patched (Finally)

Welcome Centre BMP Included


Mstask.dll is patched properly now.

Look at the Readme for more details.

Download 5.53MB


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