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  1. I am using WLM 9 I use a gmail account Yes I downloaded the original one from the website I dont think it is IE though as I have always removed it and haven't had any problems before, dunno as I have removed event viewer and event log ill untick all the red components under network see if it works after that and if it does then I will keep removing a component till it stops working
  2. Hey IE, DHCP and wired autoconfig aint the problem, yes I can get a internet connection but I have to assign the ip address manually Thanks Richard
  3. Hello I am making a stripped down version and I think I might have removed something that I shouldn't have as it is not connecting, below is my last session before anyone says that I have removed way too much, let me just say that I will be installing this in vmware workstation and will be used to sync my ipod with itunes, browse the internet with firefox, use my lifecam vx1000 webcam which I have found the inf's for so dont need to install the bundled software and to connect to windows live messenger Thanks to any that help Richard Last_session.ini
  4. working now I will look into that thanks for the suggestion Richard EDIT uploaded to rapidshare and mediafire
  5. Ive managed to remove it take a screenshot of what you got left in nlite
  6. Hey Ive been using emesene as a replacement for wlm and am starting to like it so I created an addon (with thanks from geej). Emesene is an alternative to Windows live messenger that has almost all features except games and perhaps even more website: http://www.emesene.org Addon Megaupload: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=T83DMCFG Rapidshare: http://rapidshare.com/files/224959104/Emesene.7z.html Mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=d231cd4...04e75f6e8ebb871 U can help if u want by uploading to other file sharing sites or suggesting them Richard
  7. As the topic says should n and v lite be open source. I think yes as more bugs will be found and fixed, more components can be found and more free time for nuhi everyone wins oh and have two versions, the official version where nuhi releases it and an unofficial version where people use the latest source code and add more features im sure this has been asked before but as nuhi has gone very quiet, I think its time to re-ask this question oh and ill add a poll give your thoughts on the idea
  8. so is it needed as im using xp As you see, it's for Dial-In as in incoming. I've removed it with no ill effects for home usage (various types of simple networks, various types of ISP internet access, wireless). I think it might be needed for VPN or similar. GL Ok, Ive think ive almost finished with removing components from xp and runs very fast on 192mb RAM (10 seconds boot to a full desktop and is using 45mb RAM) Im now tweaking it now know of any good sites? oh and Im thinking of putting windows on one drive and the user profiles on another, will it be faster compared to if it was all on one drive?
  9. What? you should have created an iso burn the conents of the iso to disk once u created it
  10. wow you must be a mega fan of wow make sure u keep dx and opengl
  11. we cant help if you dont provide a last_session.ini
  12. ok thanks for helping did u manage to find out if Internet authenication ? Edit: checked Microsoft FAQ's on the service and it says so is it needed as im using xp
  13. another question it says under SNMP that it is needed for printers, is this true and what does logon notifications do exactly EDIT: the thread has gone very quiet now, thanks to everyone for helping and please post if you got anymore suggestions on what else to remove Thanks again Richard
  14. so a no no on open office and office 2003 thanks oh and will VLC Player be a good and light replacement for windows media player, I want one which will be able to play some of the most popular media formats e.g. divx, mp3, avi, etc oh and what internet browser will be the lightest, I was thinking on either opera (30mb RAM) or kmeleon (18mb RAM), is there one which is lighter than that
  15. Thanks for the help will remove some of these things that you suggested and see if I still got much of the stuff I need, question would open office be lighter than 2000 or 2003
  16. Hello I want to create a really lite version of XP for a 192mb RAM PC that has been gathering dust and decided to sacrifice it to my brother and sister The problem is ive got stuck now and dunno what else to remove. The computer has a floppy, CD and DVD disk drive, printer, Wireless card (USB) and a modem which is connected through a PCI card oh and another hard drive for extra storage The computer will only be used for internet browsing (Kmeleon or opera), work stuff (microsoft office 2000), msn (will be using a third party application as I think windows live messenger is too bloated), and will have two accounts (one admin and a limited account) and wont have an antivirus or firewall This is what I got left oh and I will be keeping calculator and paint Thanks in advance Richard PS forgive my spelling mistakes in the text file, was rushing Components_kept.txt
  17. 1. try on a virtual machine to see if it is doing it on there, use the ISO, if it works try the disk and if it doesnt work then it is probably the disk burn at SLOWEST speeds, that gives a better accuracy and use a more reliable disk brands than the cheap kind
  18. I thought I had read something like that, but I wasn't sure. I guess I'll have to install x64, then vlite a copy and then reinstall again.... thanks rlr I heard that virtualbox supports 64bit on the vm even though the host is 32bit so you might wanna try that
  19. Do you remove System Restore, Windows Update, Aero Glass and Internet Explorer as well? My installation only slims down to 966 MB after I follow your guide. I think the only reason he got around 610mb is because he either used a rtm or sp1 disk without any updates integrated
  20. I can not be done because in xp they would actually install the operating system but in vista all it does is extract the operating system from the install.wim
  21. copy these files into the vlite folder http://rapidshare.com/files/145202176/Vlite_WIM.rar.html
  22. virtualbox is really good plus it supports 32bit colour while virtual pc about 16bit of course it wont support aero but its does feel like a clean install
  23. two thing they've changed the dependencies for windows remote manangement in 1.2 final so now it needs event log and i checked if it was true about what 66 said and it was true
  24. its not possible to make addons for vlite

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