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NT4 Visual Update 3 Release Candidate 1


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Thanks for the mirror, worked great for me!

Off topic question, where or how does one perform the shell update of explorer 4.0 -> 4.7 , I've read several threads mentioning this but have not found the original thread discussing the installation or containing files.

Edit: I found the information regarding IE4 and fortunately had a FrontPage 98 installation cd sitting around with IE4 installation files on it.

You could do it with IE6 SP1 as well.

Just run ie6setup (downloaded from MS website) with additional switches to install it with shell update:

 ie6setup.exe /C:"ie6wzd /e:IE4Shell_NTx86 /I:Y"

(edit: thats assuming your NT is located on drive C)

and it will download additional files (ie4shlnt.cab) and install shell update; the only difference is that it will not present you with the option to install or to not install "Desktop Update" as it happens with IE4.

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Good, thanks for the info there. I tried using the IE4 installer on the FrontPage98 cd and it tried to access the Internet and would fail when the Microsoft servers didn't respond. The complete set of files seemed to be available on the CD however, so I manually extracted the ie4shlnt.cab with winrar and installed by right-clicking the .inf file. It seemed to work but the system BSOD on reboot, probably because I already had the visual update patch installed. It was just a VMware image that I was tweaking an integrated NT4 .iso file around. I'll use the command above and save a few steps the next time through.

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Looks alright to me but in my opinion I was looking at the visual update for the icons and theme and other improvements such as the login. This apparently enlarges the system properties system dialog box as far as pixel dimensions are concerned and considering this is still NT4 and many people who may use your finished visual update may be operating it on old systems and monitors with low resolutions. I think it would make a nice optional update during the install but I prefer just to have the updated theme, icons, and unobtrusive graphical updates such as the login. Just my two cents.

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Here is one I made for NT4VU


awergh will use this one... I think that this one is better because it is standard size and it won't bother users with low resolution.

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NT4 Visual Update 2 Beta 1


marxo's sysdm.cpl

some more patched icons here and there.

comctl32.dll is patched again i think

Patched the Wizards and things with the newer vista bitmaps rather than the xp versions.


Fixed User32.dll memory relocations because of shell32.dll,

however shell32.dll is now included as a whole file.

Fixed a bug in the batch files where regedit.exe and user32.dll wasnt patched.

It is now a lot smaller because there are no 256x256 icons except in shell32.dll because i cant do anything about them in there.


installer.exe was removed because it didnt work

shell update and terminal server arent included in this version because i havent done anything with them because i havent been running the shell update. I will put them back next version dont worry. my problem was always shell32.dll and the shell update has a weird bug i havent fixed.

the shell32.dll included in nt4vu2b1 includes some avis which dont have transparency and i cant fix this because of user32.dll memory relocations, i have to start again to fix this and im not doing that till nt4vu2b2 i think.

Download 4.04MB




dialog bitmap update

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I made a little fix because there seems to be a problem with reshacker patching the files.

put the bat file in the reshack directory and run it and it will fix the problem else.

you could just delete the ResHacker.log and ResHacker.ini files and rename ResHacker.exe reshacker.exe yourself


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No it should be pure white. It would be very very light. Pure white is used for high-contrast themes...

No, it is pure white. But I mean the 3d highlight color, not the 3d-face color. I'm sure cause I've been manually copying that scheme to w98 pcs since 2000.

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