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NT4 Visual Update 3 Release Candidate 1


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NT4VU3 Release Candidate 1

The aim NT4VU3 is to patch every image resource in NT4 possible with newer

resources mainly from Windows XP and Vista. Dialogs and Wizards are also

updated to give a nice and newer feel.

NT4VU3 Patches:

Desktop Icons

Dialog Images

App Icons

CPL Icons and Images

Internet Explorer 6 Icons

Internet Explorer 6 Bitmaps

Outlook Express Icons

Start Menu Icons

Folder Icons

Setup Icons

Notepad Shortcuts

Systray Icons

Windows Media Player 6.4 Icons

Windows Media Player 7 Icons \ Dialogs

Terminal Server Client Icons

Printer Wizard Update

Network Dialog

Proxy Login Dialog

Logon Screensaver

(Thats all I think.)

[New Features in NT4VU3 Release Candidate 1]

Tahooma Font

[updated in NT4VU3 Release Candidate 1]

Minor Fixes

[system Requirements]

Windows NT4 Workstation or Windows NT4 Server (Terminal Server Untested).

Service Pack 6a (Untested on older Service Pack eg SP5).

Video Adapter capable of displaying in 32Bit Colour.

Internet Explorer 6 (Not required. IE2, IE5 etc patching untested).

WMP 6 or 7.0 (Not required and are only Patched to a small extent).





This build is separated supports both Windows NT4 Workstation and Windows NT4 Server.

There are three different builds, NT4 Server, NT4 Workstation with the standard shell and NT4 Workstation with the shell update. NT4 Server with the shell update is not supported. NT4 Terminal Server is also not supported.

NT4VU3 Release Candidate 1 Workstation (Standard Shell) - Download

NT4VU3 Release Candidate 1 Workstation (Shell Update) - Download

NT4VU3 Release Candidate 1 Server - Download

Edited by awergh
Fixed screenshot and download links
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New version NT4 Visual Update Alpha 2 (0.6)


User32.dll is no longer included as it didnt work im about that i thought it wasnt there


Slightly newer looking logon screen

Better installer, no need to go into dos to install it now (you will need to restart afterwards though)

Slightly better compression

Download 1.54MB


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New version NT4 Visual Update Beta 1 (0.7)


Deldold.bat is included so that you can delete those *.d.old files created by the installer (use this if installing over 0.6)

Dont need to have nt installed at C:\winnt anymore


improved logon screen and lock screen

CPLs files are now patched

winver image is now patched

comes with 2k like visual theme (not selected in appearance tab)

Download 2.38MB


Would anyone mind if i distributed this in a 7z file?

Can i have some feedback please.

Should this be in the customising windows forum instead?

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Yay! interest.

New version NT4 Visual Update Beta 2 (0.8)


winver image removed because it causes user32.dll errors

removed giant start menu icons


- Newer looking installer still relies on batch files but the front end is an installer if you choose to install it and you can

install only the things you want, no need to have mstask.dll if you havent got scheduled tasks

- Patched systray however havent got a 256 colour systray patch.

- Patched a few more shell32 icons

- Patched some network dialogues and network icons

- Patched browsing icons

Download unfortunatly you have to wait for a ticket



- will restore winver image in next version.

- will try to do user32.dll icons as well.

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Installed it yesterday on NT4 I have in a virtual machine. It's nice. Well done.

The icons do not update even after reboot unless I go in the Plus tab of the display properties and select big icons, apply and deselect it to go back to normal icons.

And this on copy, move, delete :


Emptying the recycle bin transparency is fine.

Edited by eidenk
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Maybe they just need a red background and not a pink one. The avi for emptying the recycle bin has a red background and it appears transparent.

Also I did not find the 2k color scheme as a choice in the list for an account I have created after applying the patch.

Maybe it should be installed there :

HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Appearance\Schemes

Edited by eidenk
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