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NT4 Visual Update 3 Release Candidate 1


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oh i forgot to mention about the installer, yes im still using batch files but ive made it simpler you just need to run installer.exe and follow the buttons and stuff then you get your desired options and stuff and it will run the appropriate batch files without looking for them and stuff, however the uninstall batch files you need to run yourself

first screen of installer

(16bit colour)


Component selection screen

(24bit colour)


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New Release: NT4 Visual Update 2.0

So NT4VU2 is finally final.

New Features:

The Updated Screensaver returns (Modified XP Screensaver)

Browseui.dll Patched (Damian666) Its not perfect however

Patched bitmap in TimeZone settings

Patched some IE Bitmaps


Original Shortcut icon is restored

General fixes of Batch files

Applying Reg Files is now silent

Download 5.66MB


The Future of NT4VU

Well im thinking im going to make NT4VU2.1 which will have support for the shell update.

for NT4VU3 i have ideas but i really need to know what people think about it what they want the possible things that i could do, because there is only so much testing and thinking soft of stuff i can do by myself or almost by myself.

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New Release: NT4 Visual Update 2.10

New Features:

Shell Update Support has returned.

Improved Installer (1.1)

New Fixes:

Small Batch file Fixes

NT4VU2 Installer 1.1

This now checks to see if your running NT4 SP6 and if you have ie6,

ie6 isnt compalsary but NT4 SP6 is.

Download 6.59MB


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just welcome centre will work on a 2000 machine nt4 visual update as a whole will not work on a 2000 machine, well it might but id recommend using vistapack on a 2000 machine if you wanted to update icons.

but Welcome Centre has been written so that 2000 will work with it properly.(It should work on win95 or higher but not all the links to the places would work.

for welcome centre you just need welcome.exe somewhere and the bmp needs to be in %windir%\system32 (both of these are in the "other" folder in the nt4vu director.)

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New Release: NT4VU3 Alpha 1

[New Features of NT4VU3 Alpha 1]

-Damian666's filepatcher is used for the installer which means no batch files

and at the is point in time will be used for all future releases.

This means i no longer copy files such as shell32.dll which means that

windows updates can be applied without problem. (even if there arent that many)

This also means there is a more reliable backup and uninstall because they

arent affected by me making mistakes in batch files like before

Also there is an option to install welcome centre after install.

You will have to restart after you have installed NT4VU3A1

-Icon error caused by the reg files has been fixed I think.

[issues in NT4VU3 Alpha 1]

-Sysdm.cpl has not been patched because im not sure how to apply Marxo's sysdm.cpl.

-Newer logon screensaver is not included because im not sure how to apply it.

-There might be some minor error messages in the installer,

but i havent found any that effect how it functions.

-REGEDIT.EXE isnt patched because it is read only by default,

if it is not readonly it should be patched.

-Shell Update is not supported in this release.

-256 Colour Systray fix has not been applied.

[system Requirements]

Windows NT4 Workstaion

Service Pack 6

Internet Explorer 6 (Not required)

(OE6 for OE stuff and wmp7.0 and or wmp6.4 for wmp stuff)

A computer capable of Running Windows NT4

Video card capable of 16bit Colour for icons

Video card capable of 24bit Colour may be required for some bmps

(Shell Update is not supported in this release)





(General Screenshot)

Download 7.09MB


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