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  1. Windows NT4 Today

    on NTUSB driver post. Thanks!
  2. Good work on getting a beta release out... hope to give NT4 a clean install on my 1998 Thinkpad this weekend
  3. Looks alright to me but in my opinion I was looking at the visual update for the icons and theme and other improvements such as the login. This apparently enlarges the system properties system dialog box as far as pixel dimensions are concerned and considering this is still NT4 and many people who may use your finished visual update may be operating it on old systems and monitors with low resolutions. I think it would make a nice optional update during the install but I prefer just to have the updated theme, icons, and unobtrusive graphical updates such as the login. Just my two cents.
  4. Good, thanks for the info there. I tried using the IE4 installer on the FrontPage98 cd and it tried to access the Internet and would fail when the Microsoft servers didn't respond. The complete set of files seemed to be available on the CD however, so I manually extracted the ie4shlnt.cab with winrar and installed by right-clicking the .inf file. It seemed to work but the system BSOD on reboot, probably because I already had the visual update patch installed. It was just a VMware image that I was tweaking an integrated NT4 .iso file around. I'll use the command above and save a few steps the next time through.
  5. Thanks for the mirror, worked great for me! Off topic question, where or how does one perform the shell update of explorer 4.0 -> 4.7 , I've read several threads mentioning this but have not found the original thread discussing the installation or containing files. Edit: I found the information regarding IE4 and fortunately had a FrontPage 98 installation cd sitting around with IE4 installation files on it.
  6. Link above expired, anyone have a mirror link or able to email the file? budious at gmail dot com, thanks! I just broke out the NT4 disk to revive an outdated laptop, this visual update looks promising. Keep up the good work.