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  1. I have a problem with Opera and some other applications where I can't use keyboard shortcuts like CTRL+C when I select some Cyrillic keyboards are selected, like Serbian and Russian.
  2. Due to my first PC dying on me, I'm now running Windows 98 as my main and only OS on my PC. I was snooping through my HDD (Windows folder, etc) and knowing that many 16-bit applications from Windows 3.1x are left in Windows 98 I was going to see which ones, and how many. Also, the setup of Windows 98 is full with components which nowadays no one uses. Another thing was that there were many old components that weren't anywhere, neither in the Start Menu, nor associated with any files, nor referenced in Help (which is, again, not used daily by me, nor anyone else I know). My question is: Which components would you remove from an installed Windows 98, what do you need and it isn't there and are there any components that are there but need to be modify or promoted to be used daily. List of components I would remove: Web TV for Windows - I would remove it since I haven't seen anyone using it. Taskman - This one is just a Win3.1x version of Task Manager, it's not really needed in Windows 98, especially if you already use some modifications and Taskmgr alternatives. WinPopup - This is a great application for communication in your LAN, but I haven't seen it anywhere in the UI (Start Menu and rest), it probably just needs to be promoted, I would like to hear what you think about this one. Clipboard Viewer - This one really does the job, but I don't know how this one is used ever, I mean, why would you use this one. It's 16-bit and it probably needs to be replaced by something newer and maybe more advance. Online Services - These definitely need to be removed. I hate that stuff, that's so middle ages. Also, if anyone missed that, if you have MSN shortcut on your desktop, it will always launch it before Internet Explorer. Desktop Themes - These are also unnecessary, I mean, how does really use those themes from the 90es? CD Player - This one is interesting. If I knew that I will need to play an audio CD on a default installation without a 3rd party application, I would probably leave it be. But what are the odds for that? Imaging - These are from Kodak I guess. No one uses that (at least I think that no one does). It's pretty easy to obtain an alternative for that. Hyperterminal - I was thinking that it should be removed, but I heard that some still use it. Anyone using this one, and what do you think about that being removed. Microsoft Chat 2.1 - I would discuss much about this, no one uses that. Microsoft NetMeeting - Same as the one above. With all these new services like Windows Messenger, Skype and the rest, why would anyone need this antique. Phone Dialer - I'm really not sure if this has any purpose anymore. Please correct me if I'm wrong. PROGMAN - Is this one really necessary? It's also from Windows 3.x. WJView and JView - Java loaders. Does anyone use this? WinFile (File Manager) - Another Windows 3.1x leftover. Can this one be removed? Welcome Center - This old Welcome Center already has an alternative. But on a default install, no one uses it more then once. Windows Report Tool - Anyone wants to report a bug from Windows 98? Hardware Info Tool - I can't even run this thing. Anyone using it? Object Packager - Another legacy from Windows 3, should be removed, I can't remember that I know what this is for. Loaders - Paintbrush, Write and other loaders for existing application. Desktop "Wallpapers" - They are actually patterns. Those were ugly even when Windows 98 came out. Telnet - Useful to users running a Telnet server or accessing routers/modems/switches. winipcfg32 - It has a suitable replacement in Windows 98, left from Windows 3.1. Tour98 - Needs to be removed. Sound Recorder - It should be modified so people can record more. Maintenance Wizard - Needs to be reorganized. Drive Space - It should be removed because it 21st century and if someone is still using Windows 98, he's using FAT32. Internat - I don't know if this one can be replaced, but if it's possible then it could be done a lot better. Screensavers - Should be removed because they are ancient. Personal Web Server - For anyone that wants a server, something like Apache is better. Microsoft Wallet - Hmm. Let's see. Out! This list was formed only by my criteria and my daily Windows 98 Second Edition experience. There are also many more Windows 3.x leftovers, it would take some time to write them all down. So, besides these, would you add some more? Are there any that you would leave, any that you use? Are there any that should be modified? I would personally add Windows Movie Maker, which could be added because it isn't vast in size, and maybe instead of trying to find an alternative for Notepad we should leave Notepad as simple as it can be, and instead of Wordpad integrate an alternative that would be good for both scripting and formatted (Word) documents. Let me hear your opinion... Microsoft Reference: Components in Windows 98 Legend: Components that should be removed. Components that are still being used by most of users. Components that need rewriting, modifying, replacing or updating.
  3. Windows 98 DDK

    Well here is the Windows 98 DDK + Documentation to download. As some of you probably know Win98DDK is unsupported and not available for download for a long time... After searching on the internet (and 0 hits) I've contacted some guys and one of them had the whole pack on his PC. I HOPE - that this will help people to develop better drivers for Windows 98. Permanent link : Windows 98 DDK & Documentation Expect a permanent one soon....
  4. UXTender 1.2

    New r2 link in the official thread @ winprj.net: http://winprj.net/board/viewtopic.php?style=18&f=7&t=216
  5. En Soveta Rusio, Esperanto parolas vin!

  6. Vistapack 2.6 released

    Keep track of 7ize development and see the latest changes: http://www.winprj.net/board/viewtopic.php?f=70&t=583 Help developers with translations? http://www.winprj.net/board/viewtopic.php?f=70&t=583&st=0&sk=t&sd=a&start=60#p6276 Latest screenshots:
  7. Opera 10.50 Beta works with Windows Lupus Project!
  8. Vistapack 2.6 released

    Vistapack is officially discontinued. It's successor is 7ize, and more information about it is available here: http://www.winprj.net/board/viewtopic.php?f=70&t=583
  9. Hi guys, Windows Projects Community is very proud to present, the first and the only universal patcher for forcing Aero transparency - Windows TransForce UI! Releases: The current version is: 0.0.14 UI Windows TransForce UI will enable users using Windows Vista Home Basic or Windows 7 Home Basic to force transparency on various visual styles. Download
  10. KDW / FCWIN2K

    Is there anyway to get the GetLayeredWindowAttributes in user32.dll?
  11. I've compiled an icon pack out of new Office 2010 Beta Build 4417 icons. 92 icons! Download
  12. Yahoo Messenger V 10 : . Beta

    You can read my review of it here: http://www.winprj.net/board/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=657
  13. Here is my Ubuntu Human Theme for all of you who use RP with LameSkin... It's a bit strange to make a theme for LameSkin but i had to do that... Someone had... It's nice what can i say i tried to do it as best as i could... Screenshots: Instructions: Unrar UbuntuTheme.rar and Run Ubuntu.exe and then import the regkey. Theme should appear Appearance in Scheme list... Wallpaper: Content of RAR: Theme x1, Regkey x1 Download: UbuntuTheme.rar
  14. LameSkin Themes

    You are becoming awfully annoying with this question and it pretty much shows that you are lazy and didn't read the Revolutions Pack 9 topic. Copy style folder to %windir%\Resorces\Themes
  15. Vistapack 2.6 released

    Silent install will be fixed in v3 and as for TrueTransparency, you'll have to ask the authors, we just bundle it with Vistapack.
  16. My Sig

    I just made this sig... Like it?
  17. Uba-uba, uh-uh, me speak English quite good, good English ya speak. Big boy want bananas. BTW, I love your grammar.
  18. Vistapack 2.6 released

    Yes man, it was all and fully installed, but on end this error always was displayed.For wich reason i don't know. It's a minor mistake in the script. It's ok if it gets installed. We'll surely fix it for v3.
  19. Vistapack 2.6 released

    Does it install at all? Does it patch the system before displaying that message?
  20. He needs a subforum for his stuff.
  21. USER.EXE

    Here is a tutorial about Resource Hacking, you can find links to applications for Resource Hacking, there are a couple so I would suggest finding the one that suites you more. Resources In Executables
  22. USER.EXE

    USER.EXE is a 16-bit application, therefore Resource Hacker can't open it. Try eXeScope: http://hp.vector.co.jp/authors/VA003525/emysoft.htm
  23. BTW, who wants to do translations?

    I can do Serbian translation.
  24. I have to second that. Miranda IM is way faster and better.
  25. Vistapack 2.6 released

    The conscription will end when we get 10 testers, or on 10th of June, whichever comes first. We already have 4 testers, so hurry if you want to test Vistapack 3 during development. Important: Testing includes both Windows 2000 and Windows XP versions, so you can test on both versions. You DON'T have to test in a live environment, meaning you can use VMs. Check for details in the official topic @ Windows Projects Community: Become a tester for Vistapack 3