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[Desktops] 2007

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new one today. i'm tired of the PNG madness, so today, the wallpaper is in JPG. i don't care that much anyways. btw, notice the playback buttons that i put on there. They kick a**!

Link to desktop

Please do not post fullsized screenshots


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Yup, sorry, I was away, skying.

The thing is I thought "We are the 24. I'll be back in a week so 1. or 2. of march. No problem." And since I'm stupid, I did not realize I would go back to school on the fifth and not on the third. And there was also the fact that most people know there are never more than 29 days in February and 28 most of the time. Really stupid. =D

Anyway, thanks&pinned. ;)

Also, I had a train problem and got home later than expected (it's 9p.m. here). I don't really have time to do the february's contest before friday (or wednesday maybe). I have to apologize again for this. But this won't happen again before a loooooooong time since I won't have time for more than 2 weeks of holidays during the summer and then I won't have holidays at all during a whole year (or two). Thanks to school! ^^

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very clean desktop :thumbup

You think that's clean? Here's my current desktop (just finished the every-other-year reinstall which was severely overdue):


It could hardly get cleaner than that :P (Taskbar on auto-hide as always, useless recycle bin nuked) The sad thing is it won't stay like that for long...

I like it, but I doubt it'll win too many contests around here :lol:

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