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  1. I've got Prince of Persia Sands of Time long time ago... I played it on Windows XP and it was cool... I installed the game on Vista Business 32bit on my laptop yesterday night played for about 2 hours.. closed the game... put my laptop on sleep... then today... the game won't run... Restarted Windows couple times, Un-installed the game and installed it again... tried with the compatibility option.. also tried running the game as admin.. and no good !!!! interestingly the game was running like a charm just yesterday... and today doesn't... which made me really crazy I was observing Task Manager.. and interestingly.. when I run the game... the game appears on the list of the processes and disappears after 2 seconds.... Looking over the internet for known compatibility issues with Vista.. and it was reported that the trilogy of Prince of Persia working smoothly... (reported on wikipedia and other websites) I love the game so much.. and really wish to play it again... so if somebody know how to fix the problem.. I will really appreciate it... Thanks in advance...
  2. I was reading about Vista Enterprise, and while reading I saw the new feature called "New virtualisation Technology" or something like that.... Then I begun asking people and some of them say that that the old programs that where running on Windows 98 and 95 will run on Vista Enterprise... some of them say that Virtualization technology means that you can run instances of Vista on couple VMs without the need to activate it for each VM... Which is correct???????? thanx in advance....
  3. Hi there every one I installed Windows Vista Business edition lately.. Installed Visual Studio Pro 2005.. now each time I run VS.. it gives kinda warning that VS has compatibility issues with my windows version... So I updated my windows and downloaded VS 2005 SP1 and tried to install it... it gives me this error "The upgrade patch cannot installed by Windows Installer service because the program to be upgraded is messing, or the upgrade patch may update a different version of the program. Verify that the program to be upgraded exist on your computer and that you have the correct upgrade patch". I didn't install the SP1 beta for VS 2005... and interestingly I get this error...!!! don't know what to do.. please help Thanx in advance..
  4. May I have your wallpaper..? thanx in advance
  5. did any body face such problem???? is it a Windows problem or a disabled service or what????? Please I need help in this....
  6. The two computers are connected through a LAN, with normal wired connection using a switch of course, and having an internet feed from normal speedtouch router. addressing and subnet masks are correctly setup. subnet mask router = and the other two computers = and very simple home network... but I don't know why it doesn't go well????
  7. Hi there mates.... let me get in to the point strait... I have a small home network... 2 computers... Computer 1: can see and access shared drives on Computer2... Computer 2: can see that there is a second computer but access is denied... both of the computers cannot make any remote connection to each other from either sides.... the error message was "domain/workgroup has no terminal services"... I have no idea why this is happening.. I allowed my firewalls to accept any connection or any access from each side (i.e. Computer1 and Computer2)..
  8. Can you please share the DOCK theme Please.. Thanx in advance
  9. Really cool computerMan.. lovely.. and simple.. nothing special there..(gadgets..etc..).. but it is really simple... I'm one of the fans of such styles
  10. Thanx allot mates... this really helped me... thank u all
  11. Hi there every one I'm suffering from loosing my disk space on C:\ drive.. I turned off system restore and don't know what to do... I had after installation 18GB free space form 25GB... after couple restarts... boom.. 15 GB.. and then decreased to 14.8GB.. any hint or advice will be really appreciated... Thanks in advance.
  12. Here is mine http://img339.imageshack.us/my.php?image=screenlf5.jpg
  13. WOW.. this really cool... I tried... (and shutdown windows by mistake ) unfortunately it is in German ONLY!!!! Even they released a Vista compatable version Hope they will release English version soon..
  14. Thanks to u guys.... u really helped me... and I really appreciate it... thanx Allot....
  15. Hi every one.. First my computer specifications: Motherboard: EPoX nForce 4 Processor: AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3200+ 2.1GHz RAM: 1GB Graphic Card: ATI Radeon X550 PCIE 128MB HDD: MAXTOR 80GB SATA + WESTERN 80GB IDE I heared that Windows Server 2003 is running faster than Windows XP and more efficient...so.. is Windows Server 2003 will perform better than Windows XP when I use it at home Actually at home I use Visual Studio .NET 2005, Photoshop, Maya,and also run Heavy graphical games... and also render heavy graphic scenes..and have little home network.. if it will be good for me to run Windows Server 2003.. which edition I should use??? REALLY THE ADVICE WILL BE APPRECIATED... EDIT: I read the post "Windows 2003 - convert from server to desktop" but also I need ur advice since I'm hesitating little bit and I don't have much time to play with installations of different OS.. Thanx in advance.. Mohamed.
  16. Hi guys..... Actually I installed windows xp pro with sp2... on AMD 64x usually msstyles worked on my old comp Pentium 4.... don't know what to do..........
  17. Amazing wall Can I have it PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE????
  18. Love ur style What theme do u use???? and what is the bar do u use also??? if u can provide the links it'll be appreciated..

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