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  1. It seems like that could be handled in the Customizing Windows section as it's there for "tweaking the visual aspects of Windows" and a desktop screenshots thread could simply be stickied in there as well. You know it makes sense... think it through lads. So as not to stray too far off base:
  2. If there is a sticky for desktop screenshots, what is the rest of the section for?
  3. How about merging the Windows Desktops Screenshots section with another one. The software section would do, or even just make a sticky somewhere for all the shots and discussion. The current section is dead though. I hadn't been back here in a couple months due to some PC issues, so I was eager to see the desktop shots from these past months. I was disappointed when I saw that mine was the last post almost 3 months ago. As it is now is the pits tho'.
  4. The same could be said about guns!The guns aren't the problem, even though there may be 'legal' uses, the majority use them 'illegally'. Its usually the bullet that kills, the gun is just the distribution method! I think you'd have a difficult time time justifying that statement. For instance, in the USA there are millions of gun owners and it's a gross miscalculation to say that the "majority" are using them illegally. Besides, the bullet is just as innocent as the gun or it's manufacturer. The person pulling the trigger is solely responsible for it's target and any damage done. Same with computers and torrents: Both are innocent objects of hardware and software, but can both be used together or independently to break the law in a number of different ways.
  5. ^ You're using my custom VS. Did I send you that?
  6. I can't be bothered to make a January thread. Desktop thumbnail:
  7. The SIV recommendation was a good one. It seems to be an great standalone utility and accuracy seems spot on. Thanks!
  8. I'm looking for a program that's similar to Lavalys' "Everest" software. Everest often detects drives incorrectly, because the SATA chip behaves as if it was an IDE chip. Before anyone suggests using SIW, it often does the same too. Any other suggestions? Thanks.
  9. Laptop: Desktop: Same as November. Can't be bothered to go look for the thumbnail.
  10. I don't think anyone submitted a Mustang wallpaper. There's a Dodge Charger on the other page...
  11. http://interfacelift.com/wallpaper/details.php?id=1341
  12. I guess no one wants to make a June thread?
  13. manicho wallpaper pyschpulse frame. Dang, I spend waaaay too much time on DA.
  14. Winamp, but with this skin - http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/103109...h+age_scale%3A5
  15. Thanks. The media player is Winamp. Skin is here - http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/103109...h+age_scale%3A5
  16. I won last month, but I'm getting my a s s kicked this time around.
  17. Desktop is the same as last month, but I have a brand spankin new laptop. Here she is:
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