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[Desktops] 2007

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here's mine today. i made a clean and a dirty version. the dirty one has foobar2000 playing "Cast Down the Heretic". very good song by Nile. and at 3:32, Karl Sanders does one awsome solo. it's also my new config(didn't like the WMP11 one that much). Anyways, Enjoy!


Dirty Link


Clean Link

for the Curious ones, the visual style is called Glassic and the wallpaper is from the band Heavenly

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Oops...almost forgot the theme was Valentine's day. :whistle:

Here is my tribute to it:


here is the dirty vers.

dockbar: Y'z dock

dock icons: Snow.E 2

theme: Milk 2.0

wall: Frank Sinatra by DivineError

icons: FauxS XP (Ruby) v1.5


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My second SS of this month:


Theme: Rissol's mod of NiCO Niqu (Original Authors: Pantoni, Max Rudberg and Paul Johnson)

Wall: Dj's mod of S3CL's Another Place II (Thanks NiTRO)

Icons: Blend by AveTenebrae, NiCO Ed. by Rissol

Dock: Reflections Inspired by Styrizo

Font: Calibri (Thanks Ellada aka Mike)

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