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What is your security setup software of these days...?


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Write here your actually security setup software in your PC :hello:

My security:

Router Vigor VGST 2600 with firewall

Windows XP SP2 firewall

ESET NOD32 antivirus

SuperAntispyware free (only for scan)



Process Explorer

Firefox 2.0.1 (AdBlock, NoScript)

McAfee SiteAdvisor

Many people has HIPS... :wacko:

I dont know what is it...???

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Avast Antivirus Home Edition (

Ad Aware Personal

Windows Firewall

Opera (for safe browsing)

I use a limited account for most thing

...and of course Virtual PC 2004, it is free and perfect for testing risky stuff

All these are all i need

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I've written a mini article on the subject, using the software I use: http://rhelik.lehost.net/help/security/

In a nutshell I use:

- Nod32

- Windows Defender

- DropMyRights (runs apps in non admin mode)

- Hosts Secure (blocks known bad urls)

imho you couldn't get a more secure setup than this.

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Firefox [2 sucks]

AVG [avast wouldn't install]


Ad-Aware SE

System Mechanic Pro 6

thats about it...i reinstall a lot and all my stuff is backed up on a hard drive that i use as a slave thats bootable in my other computer. its hard to loose data like this.

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Firefox and extensions


Rabbit's foot (I use that when common sense fails)

Two years clear. I got a virus, looked for something to help re-install Windows, found MSFN and that has helped me a ton.


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I really hate to say this but...

Ubuntu 6.06 + Firestarter + Opera. No viruses, no spyware, no nothing!

My XP got infected by a virus on Thursday,6 Dec,2006 and I have temporarily switched to linux.

Under xp, my defensive lineup was AVG + Outpost + Adaware + Opera/Firefox + really tight IE settings.

Scan once every 15 days.

I am thinking about substituting AVG with Kaspersky though..

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