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[Release] Install Fader Effect v1


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I have attached an example of how to use my install fader. (well not attached as it was too big).

Just run wpi.hta and press begin.

NOTE: it doesn't really install anything and is 100% safe.

NOTE: it needs reg access to show the progress bar (some firewalls/anti spyware will ask before allowing it access), you may need to enable this access to see the fade.

Download: http://upload2.net/page/download/J4oIufka5...wolf81.exe.html

MD5 # D1DB0CBA4E59DC53BB87709C70AC93E4

Size: 749kb

Let me know if it needs any more work or anything.

These are my graphics and I ask that people create ther own before re releasing the fader with their installs.

Feel free to do what you want with the actual fade.exe and installerfade.exe as they can be used for many other purposes.

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52 downloads and not 1 thank you? Does anyone like this or is it something you wont use?? I have visited everyday incase of questions but nothing. :boring:

No matter I'll just enable email notification from now on. ask away if your stuck.

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Just a really quick bit of feedback --- and maybe this has been improved recently, but the Install Fader effect chews up lots of graphics processing power. For modern systems this is not a problem at all, but for older systems, and especially ones with integrated graphics, the Fader effects significantly slows everything down. A quick fix is to reduce the priority of the process to Lowest but this is a dirty hack as its a bit iffy getting to the task manager in these conditions (ie the computer is already struggling with the fade effects). Maybe Nighwolf has improved this since the last time (maybe the tassie devil can comment), but just in case he hasn't, now you know.

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