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  1. Hi Shark007 I sent you the silent switch I think 7zipSFX it's better than autoit ? Thanks
  2. Hi all New version of SPTD 1.39, I made one with autoit script but you'll see a window for 100ms I don't post it because, I don't want to pollute Shark007's post Bye
  3. yes i have come to the same conclusion that nero7 breaks the ms html app host. actually i think it has to do with nero7 installing directx 9.0c on vista, which from what i've read vista requires directx 9.0L which ms hasn't released yet. and to think that nero calls vista ready Hi ! You must make/take an AutoIt Script to get it work properly...
  4. Hi jcarle It disable the theme service only in the first logon... When you restart it's OK ! It's sure that 2 slipstreamed files are the cause of stopping the service... I have no idea why... Thank you
  5. I found another way ton full slipstream WMP11 with nLite and cabing the files into i386 folder But it will desactivate the theme service
  6. Ok 1) Cab the 2 files wmdrmsdk.dll, mfplat.dll with makecab and throw them in the i386 folder 2) In DOSNET.INF in the [Files] section add the 2 lines... 3) In TXTSETUP.SIF in the [sourceDisksFiles] section add the 2 lines... I hope don't missed any thing
  7. Hello all Here is french strings... Cya FR.zip
  8. Hi all jcarle, why you don't want to slipstream the content of $OEM$ into i386 (cabed) ??? And of course add the files entries into DOSNET.INF & TXTSETUP.SIF B) Thank you
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