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5.7 Wishlist!

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Some ideas:

1. Instead to use a fixed numbers of commands replace cmd1-6 with an dynamic array and the 6 inputfields with an textarea (one command per line) - so there is no need to use batch-files.

2. Is it possible to set temporarily some varaibles in the user-environment (e.g. %WPIDIR%, %ROOT% etc.) and set some directories temporarily to the path-variable (e.g. %WPIDIR%\Tools).

With the extended path-variable we have access to all programs in %WPIDIR%\Tools directly in WPI and in batch-files.

3. A Keyboard shortcut to invert the selection would be very nice.

If WPI runs unattended after XP setup with defaults checked and I want to install the rest I have to click on all checkboxes.


4. Short summary in WPI_Log.txt at the end of the file.

Just a short overview how many apps could be installed successfully and how many error occurred.



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well, i wish the installer window deviates more from the 'RunOnceEx" look. I mean, even though the current version's installer windows is a little different from the "RunOnceEx" one, i just wish it would be more "WPI" look..

Maybe a full screen installer would be good!?

This way you can't be playing around whilst the installations take place.


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It would be great, if there will be a way to set a path to *.reg files (Registy before and After sections), as same way, as for commands (%wpipath%, %cdrom%...etc...).

Thanks :)

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I have a feature request that is really messy. Pratically there are some applications that need reboot in order to work: could it be possible to add a checkbox to have wpi reboot after the installation of a certain applications and resume the install of the other applications during the next boot?

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