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  1. Hi, I love the look of that WPI. I have an error when I launch the sheet. I have Excel97. Did I must to have an newer version ?
  2. For me too!! I just find that tool (thanks kof94) and I love the aspect of that wpi
  3. Not working anymore. Just installed other the 5.5 and not working anymore. In 5.6 : Selected one application, Launch, and nothing (recome to the wizard, nothing installed and no log) Replace with 5.5 : do the same thing, and all is OK (and the log).
  4. Thanks for your answer. I will try this tomorrow.
  5. I'm a newbie and I've got a little question (probably silly): -I put this into gcond : FileExists('%programfiles%\something') -The directory "%programfiles%\something" doesn't exist -I selected "if grayed condition is true..." -When I launch WPI, I CAN select the item with this gcond What I've done wrong ??
  6. I'm new to WPI and I'm very happy to use it. - Maybe an option for checking the existence of a file and put the name in red (or better we can chose the colour) something like : fcond[pn]=['"%programfiles%\\Nero\\Nero.exe"']; So with this we have the item Nero into RED if the app is already installed. - An listing/explanation of the possible commands (FILECOPY, FILEMOVE...) - An option to put where to find the install folder and the picture folder (useful for the wizard)
  7. Hi! I try to do an unattended cd of w2k sp4 and I've got a little prob. I can't find the "reg add" command Did it's work even if it doesn't on cd ?? Thanks. P.S. Sorry for the question i'm totaly newby on unattended

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