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  1. Location sensor on/off located in config screen 1 = on 0 = off [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Sensor\Overrides\{BFA794E4-F964-4FDB-90F6-51056BFE4B44}]"SensorPermissionState"=dword:00000000[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Sensors\LocationProvider]"CSEnable"=dword:00000000
  2. First of all its not up to you where i post this. Cause i changed my HD i have to pay again? No other software i bought does this. Im not going to pay again. 3€ = NOT free ! So thx again for the better version rcdzip2010
  3. After installing a new HD i lost my license. It seems its free and based on donations. But it isnt realy based on donations since you get a license. So if you "bought" his software and you change pc or a hd you are screwed. Iim using this now on all my pcs who lost their license. And for my friends, no more money for big muscle from now on. Time people start asking their money back. thx again rcdzip2010
  4. The HD of my 2nd PC died. After i installed the new one i installed Glass8 again. Now after reading this http://glass8.berlios.de/guide.html Does this mean i have to pay again?
  5. I uninstalled 1.2. After the reboot my screen is black. I had to do a system restore.
  6. Same thing , but it works. But why the reg file? Edit: After using the reg file the glass effect is gone.
  7. Installed on 4 pcs here, donated on 2 , And there are NO and i repeat NO Windows popping up. On the other 2 pcs i use the script, and also there are NO windows.
  8. First of all the messagebox is not removed ! Not with silent glass and not with the autoit script. Last one only does the click for you nothing more nothing less. And i respect his work, but its my pc and i decide what to click or how to click !!!!! I donated, so stop crying and learn to read.
  9. It does not just click on something as you can see in the script. The script only sees the aero glass window. Its just Autoit and easy to make , so you can do this yourself thats why i did not post the .exe So nothing dangerous here And as i said i donated, but i have more then 2 pcs and dont want to donate for those. But this is not my tread, i only posted this cause the one from the first post does not wwork anymore thats all.
  10. Why anger? Its or i clock on the OK button or a script does this for me, same thing. Its not a crack or anything, so is the tool from the first post. But that one doesnt work anymore. I donated for 2 pcs, but on all my other machines i use this script. Its my pc so i decide that and not any maker of any software.
  11. Maybe use ENTER instead of No works for you WinWait("Information")WinActivate("Information")Send("{TAB}")Send("{ENTER}")
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