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  1. This is Windows Xp SP3 Pro services tweak inf. it has two sections: one for default and other one for personal tweaks mostly based on Black Viper's site. Use it at your own risk. Services.rar To apply it unattendedly, enter the line below into CMDLINES.TXT "rundll32 setupapi,InstallHinfSection DefaultInstall 128 .\Service.inf"
  2. well Dns client was disabled too (ı was playin with my services.reg today ) apparently it caused the problem, now hta workin flawless
  3. well ı am getin "remote server machine does not exist or is not avaliable" error and after that "type mismatch:'UName'" a lot of service is disabled in my pc; so this could be the reason or...? Note to meself:Dont close rpc services Solved
  4. really really nice one I was lookin for smth like this for long time but ı would like to have much more reg tweaks (even those ı dont use ) So thanx in advance! pls pm me if there is anything ı can do! thanx in advance
  5. yeap! third is charm it worked fast and fluently, without any error on xp sp2
  6. well it is a bit slow if u choose hta version and result page doesnt show anything on first run. Also though ı run xp pro sp2 ı see empty entries for vista and some titles written twice.But seems very promising one so thanx in advance!
  7. How can ı run this little niffty apllication silently savin .HTA to allusersprofile?
  8. this is my defrag batch; for /F "eol= tokens=1 delims=( " %%i in (DrvLtr.txt) do set DrvLtr=%%i& call :dsKchk :dsKchk If %DrvLtr% == end goto :eof chkdsk %DrvLtr% >resultC.log If not errorlevel 3 goto :defrag If not exist %DrvLtr%\windows goto :dskchkon :dskchkoff cd\ %DrvLtr% echo Y chkdsk /F /R goto :defrag :dskchkon chkdsk %DrvLtr% /F /R >resultOther.log :defrag cd\ %DrvLtr% defrag %DrvLtr% -b >resultdefrag.log defrag %DrvLtr% >resultdefrag.log :EOF ı am tryin to generate log files and info prompt for every step but especially log files overwritten everytime it is switched to a new drive; thats what ı tried; >resultC.log U have any suggestion? Thank You in advance
  9. yeah thanx alot for the list but download links would be great
  10. it is not a big deal but in ultimate theme there is still written "WPI 5.4" in the right bottom side of the theme. thanx for updatin btw!
  11. xplode in t13 svcpack and xplode again in guirunonce.
  12. may be someone will encounter with the same problem ı did! so dont use "quick batch file compiler" with 7zip if u install applications in svcpack! coz it ****s up! just let u know thats all!
  13. and dont post the same question twice please

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