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vLite 0.5 alpha - Vista Lite


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I hate to ask a stupid question, and, well, Does this too lwork in vista?

i'm running x64 rc2, and i always get the filter driver error, I realise it doesn't work x64 edition just yet, and i don't actually have the x86 rc2, However, i was jsut wondering if it does work, as i just tried for kicks and fun on the x64 one and it brings up that filter manager error, I notied after reading through here that if you've used nlite to remove things from xp/2003 you need to install the filter manager? (i'm sure thats the right thing) again, i just wanted to see if i could get it to show me what you can remove already! didn't expect it to work :)

So basically, in short, does vlite run under vista? or do you need to have an installed xp for it to run?

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qfox, ok, gonna be easy to fix

KenanBalamir, if you mean does it have translated GUI, no not yet but it will in 2-3 versions.

If you mean on Vista then probably not as I have never tried non-English Vista, is there such a thing yet?

Stead, it should work just fine but wait another update in monday.

boooggy, how do you know that? I said I haven't tried it yet but it should work. Weed was using it on the x64 XP and it works, but on x64 Vista I'll try these days.

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I've been running Vista Business at work for the past 2 weeks... It's got all the bells and whistles that Vista Home Premium has (although, no Media Center). For a business OS, it is not tuned correctly, IMO. vLite will be a key tool to use when my shop starts deploying Vista Business onto Client PC's. We don't need Aero or any multimedia functionality for Business customers.

Thank you, nuhi! This tool is perfect. I hope further development goes well; I'll be following development of the app closely, as it should provide to be very useful in the future. ;)

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nuhi you should start suing people that break the licensing agreement you would be a millionaire in minutes :P

Isn't it quite difficult to "break" the EULA for vLite though?

Maybe it should be revised/more strict, maybe not, but all I can

get from the EULA is... don't resell vLite, don't include it with

magazines unless you have asked Nuhi first, don't disassemble

it, don't include/distribute parts of vLite (I assume this means

things like NLITE.INF or any other files created solely by vLite

that are part of your ISO?)

I still can't believe Nuhi GIVES AWAY stuff like nLite and vLite,

by now I am sure he could sell nLite... the problem I guess is,

people would then expect "after sales support" and with a product

of this nature that would be pretty hellish! Still, nLite is absolutely

priceless for what it does. I have said this before but it must be the

best free program you can possibly get. Yes it beats GIMP, OpenOffice,

it beats anything else!

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Isn't it quite difficult to "break" the EULA for vLite though?
this is what i meant ;)
vLite will be a key tool to use when my shop starts deploying Vista Business onto Client PC's.
5. vLite is free for personal use only, you cannot use it for any company or business purposes

unless the guy plans on giving nuhi a large sum of money :P

Edited by minigun
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Heh, you're right minigun, I cant see the wood for the trees. :blushing:

People openly say they are using vLite for commercial gain,

Nuhi deserves some sort of commission I think.

anyone can upload it again?I can't download on homesite is show error

Maybe its not free anymore huh?! :w00t:

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