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What Media Player


What media player do you like?  

83 members have voted

  1. 1. What media player do you like?

    • Windows Media Player
    • iTunes
    • foobar2000
    • Media Player Classic
    • Amarok
    • Other
    • Winamp
    • I don't

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you missed vlc media player, its the only one that works on my computer at the moment because i have a dodgy soundcard driver.

But i also like amovie.ocx (C:\WINDOWS\RUNDLL32.EXE amovie.ocx,RunDll) because it uses the least memory, media player classic is good to though, wmp is ok i still have it installed as well.

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You kind of forgot one of the more important ones... Winamp.

...and Zoom Player. And VLC. And possibly QuickTime (not so much for the player itself, but the codecs are technically part of it, and it's used a lot for videos on the web, like movie trailers so still somewhat useful). And that's still ignoring all the DVD playing apps (for those who'se primary media use of a PC is watching DVDs - like PowerDVD, WinDVD, etc). And if you're going to include Linux players, then XMMS should be there too (and perhaps rhythmbox, xine, etc). We're also ignoring every kind of PVR software (MCE, MythTV, etc) which can also playback all kinds of media (and is usually the sole purpose of the PC it's running onto). The only option almost worth voting for on that list is MPC. Couldn't pay me enough for me to use WiMP or iJunk.

Besides, it would be hard to pick only one player. Lots of people use different apps for mp3s (audio) and movies. That would be the winamp/zoom player combo as far as I'm concerned (on windows).

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Media Player Classic that comes with the Combined Community Codec Pack. In addition, I install Quicktime Alternative and Real Alternative. Plays everything I throw at it, even high definition video. Windows Media Player can't/won't play certain formats or files encoded with certain codecs. I use Winamp solely for audio. Best combination ;)

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MPC all the way. I have VLC on my mac as that's the only thing that i can find that's remotely good, and to be honest i detest it. iTunes is an insult, quick time is worse still. wmp is ugly, winamp is slow and cumbersome for video (in my experience).

MPC and ffdshow work very well for my needs.

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