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  1. I believe there's a software called Vista Drive Indicator that lets you do that. I remember seeing it once on RyanVM forums.
  2. I used a great piece of software called Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder to find out the key used by my laptop's manufacturer. I used that key instead of the one on CoA sticker. See here too: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...mp;#entry427446
  3. HAMACHI? From my own personal experience, removing Windows Services is not a good idea. What if you removed a Service that you'll need later? I just set Services that I don't need to Disabled (using nLite and reg tweaks). This also saves you from the later problem of "did removing Service X cause this problem???" when something breaks.
  4. I think you'll need to install VM Addons (which contains VGA drivers) or something before you can set to that resolution or higher.
  5. Media Player Classic that comes with the Combined Community Codec Pack. In addition, I install Quicktime Alternative and Real Alternative. Plays everything I throw at it, even high definition video. Windows Media Player can't/won't play certain formats or files encoded with certain codecs. I use Winamp solely for audio. Best combination
  6. Application Data is a hidden folder that is found inside your User Profile Directory. Set Windows Explorer to show all hidden files and folders, then navigate to \Documents and Settings\<your username>\Application Data\ Alternatively, you can just go to Start > Run > type: %appdata%
  7. Google for 'wnaspi32.dll'. I use one from Nero. You can also use Adaptec's version. Place this file in the System32 directory. Try it to see if it works!
  8. Sure you can! Just do a quick search on the Extensions Page for "IE Tab". It uses the IE engine for rendering those pages though.
  9. my computer specs: p4 2.8ghz-c processor msi neo2 motherboard kingston 512mb memory wd 80+120+320 hdd tdk dvd-rw 1616n geforcefx 5600 256mb graphics sblive audigy hec 480w power supply
  10. I use MSI Neo2 motherboard. I've checked their website for their BIOS updates and the changelog of the BIOS. There's nothing there about hard drive detection fixes. Also I've never done a BIOS upgrade before. I've heard of horror stories about failed BIOS upgrades. In addition to that... This is the warning found in the "how to flash the bios.doc" file zipped with the BIOS update. I don't want to mess up my computer :| Edit: My cousin suggested I switched the dvd-rw drive to slave and 320gb to master. I did this, and the detection failed.
  11. I have configured my 3 hard drives and 1 dvd-rw drive as follows: - primary: WD 80gb / WD 120gb - secondary: TDK DVDRW1616N / WD 320gb Everything is detected and works fine while starting up. However, if I "restart" or hit the reset button, the WD 320gb drive is not detected. Nothing shows up when I go to BIOS setup. The only way to get it detected is to turn the computer off, wait for 1 or 2 seconds then power up. I have no upgraded the BIOS since the day I bought it 4 years ago. How do I fix this annoying problem? Thanks in advance.
  12. I assume you meant during installation of Windows XP. If that's the case you can ignore this post. Sorry
  13. Thanks a lot! It work for a while though... I think I have some registry tweaks that are causing conflicts... I'll try it again on Virtual PC, thanks again!
  14. Didn't help. Somehow, everything defaults back to Icon View upon login.
  15. This doesn't seem to work on my current PC or my other PC. It resets everything to Icons mode and it won't let me "apply to all folders" in Folder Options > View!! Am I the only one with this problem? Also, is the value for "Settings" supposed to be in one or two lines?
  16. I believe there's a thread that discusses the removal of V5 and use back V4. I'm not sure if V4 is still in operation though. Try searching the forums first
  17. Yeah but you probably don't use Adblock, and if you do, you're one lucky guy that it does work I just have the latest version of everything installed
  18. Works in Firefox with no problems
  19. In that case, let's not just stop when SP2 RTM is out. We'll just continue until Longhorn SP5 or something huh? All for the title" Record for the World's Longest, Continuously Active Thread" Edit: Never mind, I'm just being silly. It's 1:04AM and I really need sleep. Goodnight, have fun!
  20. Yea, like I said earlier, on Bittorrent Edit: This thread is fast becoming like a relay chat. I mean, look at the time between posts. Someone should setup a MSFN channel on IRC
  21. It's well into August 5th and I see no sign of SP2 To overcome the likely server overloading problem, perhaps someone should inform Microsoft about Bittorrent?
  22. So the bottomline is... SP2 is delayed again?
  23. Is there a way to stop NAV automatically from running after it's installed using this method? It might cause problems when applications and hotfixes are installed after it. By the way, thanks for the great method of compressing files to save space!

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