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Computer crashes

Mr Microsoft

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Computer crash = Windows just abruptly bails on you? Never.

BSOD = Maybe 2 or 3 times in the last few years due to a video driver conflict which I fixed myself.

Freeze Up = About a month back caused by a now older version of Hamachi while it was starting up. It hasn't happened since then so I didn't bother posting/searching on their forums about it.

Windows fails to load = Never.

Restart after Windows update to have: Missing operating system...? = Never.

Program Crash = Not that I recall. I use good software. :yes:

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my MEDION computer had a faulty peice of RAM memory, and we had no idea of that for a whole 2 months.

It crashed about 56 times between the time we bought it and the time we got it fixed :(

(And I'm not exaggerating)

but the new memory was installed a while ago and it's working excellently now :)


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Computer crash = Never.

BSOD = Occasionally but i use 98se, and when the screen saver comes on.

Freeze Up = it used to for most directx games untill i changed mobos because the old mobo had dodgy caps

Windows fails to load = i put in some dodgy files

Restart after Windows update to have: Missing operating system...? = I tried to install ubuntu lite

Program Crash = Only when i use bad software

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I have a hard time believing all these "never" claims.

I've had several BSODs. Some due to faulty RAM, some due to a PC being unstable because of a PSU gone bad (or a motherboard with bad caps a while ago), or even just bad drivers -- sometimes when you expect it the least. I tried a program called priority saver a little while ago, which was nice, but it also installed a very crappy network driver, which made it BSOD like everyday until I got rid of it.

If it wasn't for hardware gone bad (even quality hardware eventually goes south) or bad drivers, then yeah, I'd be saying "never" too.

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What, exactly, is a crash?

My emachine desktop runs on XP and freezes up occasionally, usually when it doesn't like a particular web site which I have clicked on.

My Toshiba laptop, which ran on ME, froze up frequently and the hard drive died once, but I was told that wasn't a crash.

I have seen the BSOD only once...I can't remember now which computer it happened on - I think the emachine.

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I force crashes (love them )BSOD's the whole nine yards.

Overclocking ( I have 27 DRAM settings ) that I just can't help playing around with on my DFI mobo.

Sometimes I just let it go for awhile ,But most crashes are user inflicted.

I have XP_PRO_SP2 ,and Vista_RC2_5744_x86 with all updates,and both are rock solid .

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hey all im just msgins asking my brothers computer seem to crash while upgrading to windows SP2 and when i put his hardrive in my computer and tried to upgrade my computer start to crash to and now my rothers really P!@##$d off that all his files are gonna be gone can anyone pelase help me ?

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I don't get crashes that much, but I cannot say that my laptop is the best build model out there.

Make: Toshiba; Model: Satellite P15-S420

Of course, Windows (and Linux when I mess it up too much) crash day in and day out (well, not that much, as I keep my OSs nice and clean).

In terms of hardware, where I could blame Toshiba, it has died thrice. All three times it was under warranty, but the hard drive was obliterated. Only one of those times was my backup not corrupted (I hate my luck, or lack thereof), too.

1: The harddrive needle went off course and destroyed the harddrive. They replaced the harddrive.

2: Same as above, but they replaced it with a *higher quality* one this time.

3: My little laptop is stuffed with a heat-loving Pentium 4 at 3.0GHz. It kept overheating and shutting down for no real reason whatsoever. I came to MSFN and someone was kind enough to fix my problem for a while. Then, the processor super-overheated and fried the mobo. I had to have the mobo and CPU replaced.

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