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HOTFIXES: Win2000 SP4, WinXP SP2, WinXP SP3 and Win2003 SP2

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Yes, I do have it ... And you can find it, too!

I assume you already looked in C:\Windows\WindowsUpdate.log. If you do not find it there, go to NirSoft (www.nirsoft.net), and download SmartSniff. Start SmartSniff, and let Windows Update download the file(s) in question. Now, examine the streams tracked by SmartSniff, and you will find the link(s)!

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Please add the following information to the first post in the thread. This update is actually loooooooonnnnnggggggg over due (May, 22, 2006).


January 3, 2008 (May, 22, 2006)

Added KB912817 for WinXP SP2.

Removed KB902400 for WinXP SP2 (replaced by KB912817).



*** Should've been added May, 22, 2006 ***

KB912817 -> Availability of Windows XP COM+ Hotfix Rollup Package 13 (V2)

Download -› 4.6 MB (May, 22, 2006)

Switches: KB912817.exe /q /n /z

NOTE: The download page also lists an update for Windows Server 2003. I do not use Windows Server 2003, so I'm not sure if it is required for Win2K3 SP2.

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