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  1. Well XP is more popular than Vista isn't it?
  2. From what I hear you're suppose to slipstream SP1 then remove components.
  3. I noticed something simliar to that used to happen to me when testing it on VMware. It would hang on installing Network Connections until I moved the mouse. I'm pretty sure it has to do with the mode unattended is in. (Full, etc.)
  4. Nice tutorial You could go into more detail Overall it's pretty good Looking forward to Office 2007
  5. After messing around with nLite and compiling and recompiling CDs and testing them on a VM, with Windows Media Player slipstreamed like said in the FAQ of nLite, the Internet doesn't work.
  6. Hello...... strangers... Not much to say here huh?
  7. Now we also have those Blu Ray disks...

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