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Internet Explorer 7 released!


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I have received information from sources that Microsoft has released the final version of Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP SP2 and Windows XP 2003 SP1. I have the direct MS link (actually, forwarding link) to the English x86 version for Windows XP.

I do not believe Microsoft has officially launched it yet, however. Do you think we can have support for it soon :P?

Edit: I now have the links to all English versions.

Edit #2: Guess what? Microsoft just released it! Here are links:

Windows XP (SP2) - x86

Windows 2003 (SP1) - x86

Windows 2003 (SP1) - x64

Windows 2003 (SP1) - ia64

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No delay. But the plan was that the new HFSLIP final would've been released already and that IE7 slipstreaming was attempted for the subsequent test releases by now... :D

I hope the final IE7 lends itself better to slipstreaming. RC1 had several problems.

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Hi !

Just tested HFSLIP Fi!NAL 1.0.1 Wonderfull as usual,

Somebody did test IE7 slipstreaming w/ HFSLIP Final ?

If i can test something particular to help the project, let me know :)

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I have a request for help but I didn't want to start a new thread.

I am submitting my work site to browsershots and it just keeps dropping my request after 14 minutes each time.

I need to see my company website in IE7. FireFox 3 would be nice too. So, all you IE7 runners. Could you load up http://www.nscp.org/login.php and see if it's got any text and a place to log in?

FF doesn't display it right, due to some CSS hack I had to use to get things to work. It displays in Opera 9 and IE6. PM me or e-mail me. A screenshot would be nice but I just wanna know if there's anything there other than a header and a left-hand Flash menu.

TIA folks

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