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  1. This was a terrific project in its heyday. Though I haven't been on here much in the last couple of years, I'm also sorry to see it go. Perhaps someday, someone will pick it up again, but OSes are evolving, and there's always a time for the world to move on. Best wishes to you, TommyP, and to Tomcat76, wherever he may be...
  2. This happened on one of my machines too after upgrading (although I went from 6801 to 7000). Not sure what the cause is.
  3. Well, it's been many months since I've visited MSFN, and perhaps even longer since I've visited this particular forum. I feel by now that many people in the Windows community have switched over to Vista (even with its many shortcomings and the complaints that people have lodged against it). Nevertheless, have you any news about a possible future stable release of the XP PowerPacker (i.e., v1.0 final)?
  4. I apologize for not updating this in May as I had promised. Unfortunately, my other obligations have cut into the time that I am able to spend in maintaining my personal HFSLIP installations and the concurrent updating of my hotfix collection. At this point, I am not sure whether I will still update this list at some point in the future, or if I will simply introduce a new list for XP SP3. Moderators, you may unpin this (and my 2000 list) if you'd like.
  5. Expect an update after the May patch cycle.
  6. Updated checksums for January and February 2008 hotfixes.
  7. Updated checksums for January and February 2008 hotfixes.
  8. If you select option A, HFSLIP should merge DRIVER.CAB and SP4.CAB into a new and recompressed DRIVER.CAB with some updated binaries from your hotfixes. In that case, SP4.CAB should no longer exist in your SOURCESS folder after running HFSLIP, which leads me to think that something went wrong at the point in the process. Can you attach your HFSLIP.LOG file?
  9. Oh, I forgot that there's always the "." and ".." in the filesystem so that command wouldn't work. Yeah, I see what you're saying. I don't think it's worth the extra code either. Thanks for clarifying.
  10. Actually, if the WMP11 folder is not deleted by the time the HFSLIP process exits, then the HFSLIP process must have been interrupted at some point. When including the EXE setup file for WMP11 in HF, the following line takes care of the folder immediately after the components are extracted: IF DEFINED RDWMP11DIR RD/Q/S HF\WMP11 If you run HFSLIP with an empty WMP11 folder, then some errors should be generated by the console while running HFSLIP. Tomcat76 should probably change this line to prevent problems if the WMP11 folder exists but is somehow empty: On the other hand, I noticed an unrelated bug while I was working on my 2000 SP4 source. Even though I'm pretty sure wmfdist.exe (from KB891122) was extracted properly, the system complained about being unable to delete setup_wm.exe from TEMP\WMPCOD. I should probably run HFSLIP again to confirm.
  11. He's not prompted to install those CABs; they're installed automatically without user interaction and then rechecked every time you visit WU/MU. I guess he's just paranoid about having all the ActiveX controls he needs already slipstreamed. No need for that though if it's installed automatically.
  12. Super-Magician


    I just did another search in the HFSLIP forum and found no less than 13 threads that reference KB888111. Yes, that is indeed a simple question. How about a simple answer? At least try to click on my links this time. Good day to you! @Extravert, thanks for trying to help. However, jvidal's question involves whether or not this particular hotfix can be slipstreamed by HFSLIP, not just whether his computer would support it.
  13. First try moving your HFSLIP directory to something like "C:\HFSLIP" so you don't have any spaces in the path. You also have too many updates for IE7 -- KB933566, KB937143, and KB939653 are obsolete. Follow Tomcat76's update page to see if you have any other unnecessary fixes in your folder.
  14. Super-Magician


    @jvidal, you really need to think about searching before asking here. I even commented on this hotfix back in March 2007 when I said it was the most asked-about hotfix in the HFSLIP forum.
  15. First update in 11 months. Enjoy, and Happy New Year to all!
  16. I have finally updated this after a long period of inactivity. Enjoy, and Happy New Year to all!
  17. Thanks for the quick reply! Yeah, I don't understand that either.
  18. Well, I'm finally back after a long hiatus. Is it better to use the standalone installer as listed on your update page or the file off Windows Update as seen here?
  19. Hey, Tomcat76, awesome job on the recent upgrades to the site! It looks very nice! Anyway, I wanted to mention a minor typo I found. It says "This overrides the INCALLSKINS variable." under the INCALLSKINS variable on the Extras page. Shouldn't that belong under INCWMPCSKIN?
  20. So I guess my real question is this: why does WU complain if johndoe74 doesn't have it in HF?
  21. This discussion actually confuses me too. He said that Windows Update complains if he doesn't put KB913800 in HF while slipstreaming WMP11. However, when he returns it to the HF folder, WU stops complaining. The fact that KB913800 is ignored doesn't seem to correspond with these observations because the presence or lack of it clearly seems to make a difference. Is it a problem with Windows Update then? I see what you're saying Tomcat76, but based on johndoe74's comments, it appears that you need KB913800 in HF if you want Windows Update to stop complaining, regardless of whether or not it's actually needed in terms of updated binaries.
  22. You should remove all of the non-supported DX9 files that you manually extracted into your HFCABS folder (e.g. x64, DLLs/EXEs, and since you're slipstreaming XPSP2, the CABs that don't start with a date in their names).
  23. Hi Eyren. The COPY and XCOPY commands in the command prompt have a switch that allows you to only copy over files that have a newer modification date. HFSLIP incorporates this directly into the script, so you don't have to worry that files from hotfixes with higher KB numbers are overwriting newer versions from hotfixes with lower KB numbers. In cases where the file dates are messed up and we actually need a binary that was modified earlier, the necessary commands are hardcoded.
  24. What is the point of repeatedly telling us that your method works without explaining why or how? Do let us know, because we're all interested. Don't promote the program, however, like Nuhi said.

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