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  1. KB950759

    All cumulative updates of IE7 failed on my computer after installing XP-SP3. (as said: IE7 and WM11 were integrated into XP-SP2-Setup-CD) And yesterday I tried IE8Beta2. Failed too. But: In ie8.log I have seen a few registry-values unable to be changed: HCR\Interface\3....... and so on. I set there rights to 'full' changeable by admin (they were only readable by admin?) and voila: All is fine and beautiful (right now, for IE8Beta2... I'll tell you more, when IE8Final arrives)! Murvun
  2. KB950759

    Funny thing: KB950759 needs on one of my computers reinstall by Windows update again and again and again... IE and hotfixes up to January/February 2008 included/slipstreamed. SP3 was installed by Windows update... 'Reinstall error' only on Laptop/Notebook.
  3. Date error

    sure your settings for date and time are not corrupted?
  4. yet Another Microsoft Update Download

    try ct offline update Heise is a german publisher and ct a german computer newspaper. This is the version 4 of offline-updates. offline-updates is a collection of scripts, some are compiled auto-it-scripts. Source is provided. It is also based on wget Edit: new version (4.1) fixed some errors and now supports more languages
  5. HFSLIP and msconfig

    me 2 I had a look at the posted msconfig, but the newer and german msconfig from my xp does the job too!
  6. Windows 2000 (all)

    Oleg: look for the hotfix share
  7. Internet Explorer 7 released!

    german IE7.0.5730.11 on XP Professional 2600._xpsp_sp2_gdr.050301-1519(Service Pack 2):
  8. Integrating drivers with HFSLIP?

    jpcl: please give me a link to your hfdrv-folder which is not leading to hfdrv.cab - just for testing
  9. non-english windows and FDV fileset

    solved! wrong entries from "xpicons_silentv2". I had Wordpad, Paint, Internet Connection Wizzard, Backup and System Information 2 times in startup menu. from your fileset - translated and working from xpicons_silentv2 - english and not working (icons only) so german fileset is already translated and might be used.
  10. non-english windows and FDV fileset

    I tried to translate FDVFILES into a german file-set. Most applications install on right place with right name. But I can't find the places in FDV's files, where the accessories: Wordpad, Paint, Internet Connection Wizzard, Backup and System Information are linked - they still use the english named startup folders (accessories/communications and accessories/system tools) and english names for themself (Wordpad, Paint, Internet Connection Wizzard, Backup and System Information). They should instead use german foldernames: Zubehör/Kommunikation and Zubehör/Systemprogramme. Please help! All other english strings in fileset are translated... seems so
  11. w2k limits OEM-Folder to winnt$

    thanx! I didn't know how to ask for suggestions (mostly: how to avoid installers of later versions stumble on write protection). and you answered the question!
  12. w2k limits OEM-Folder to winnt$

    Hello! As you know some features of xp aren't present in w2k. We already claimed the xp-icons for w2k. (I prefer to throw the *.icl into HFEXPERT\WIN and HFEXPERT\WIN\system32 and the installing .inf into HFSVCPACK.) How to use Program$ and Profiles$ from $OEM$? By reading hfslip.cmd and testing I found: make a folder besides I386 - perhaps call it Bonus. inside this folder make folders ALLUSERSPROFILE\Desktop, ALLUSERSPROFILE\Startmenü and ProgramFiles\Progname (where Progname stands for DVDx, mpc, ... all programs you like - hopefully running also from usb-stick) it helps, if you have the same Progname-folder on you hfslip-develop-machine, so you can make the proper *.lnk-files (create the link on your desktop from the real executeable in your C:\Program Files\Progname and edit the link: replace "C:\Program Files" by "%ProgramFiles%" copy this edited link into Bonus\ALLUSERSPROFILE\Desktop and Bonus\ALLUSERSPROFILE\Desktop ore whereever you wish into HFSVCPACK put the following file (name as you need it):@ECHO OFF IF EXIST %SYSTEMROOT%\SYSTEM32\CMDOW.EXE cmdow @ /HID Title PreInstall FOR %%i IN (D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z) DO IF EXIST %%i:\I386\SVCPACK SET QUELLE=%%i:\Bonus xcopy/Q/s/e %QUELLE%\ALLUSERSPROFILE "%ALLUSERSPROFILE%" xcopy/Q/s/e %QUELLE%\ProgramFiles "%ProgramFiles%" EXIT have fun murvun
  13. Stop it…

    /me stays... btw: thanx for HFSLIP_60510b ! edit: tc: I was scared by the version where you cutted all other things then hotfixslipstreaming. better freeze something then cutting huge parts away!
  14. Switchless installers?

    installed at T-13 is importand, because many explorer-functions are still not working at this time... edit: nope, only the switches /Q:A /R:N (mediaplayer-install etc...pp)
  15. Java VM

    test 3810