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  1. Browse on over to DeveloperSide.net. They have put together a WAMP package (Windows/Apache/MySQL/PHP) with Wordpress, Joomla, MediaWiki, phpBB and Drupal preinstalled. Joomla and Drupal are opensource Content Management Systems. I've only played with Joomla so far; Drupal I believe has a forum component as a part of it's core install.
  2. SBS2003 at home

    I'm thinking of running a guinea pig install of SBS 2003 at home. I have a cable modem connect, a basic NAT router, & a spare switch. My network config should be cable modem>router>SBS box (2 NICs)>switch>workstation, right? I wouldn't want to have the Exchange server running-I'm thinking that I could let SBS install it then shut down the Exchange related services. (Cox is snarky about running a mailserver on your personal account). I'm wondering if there are any common "gotcha's" I should be aware of before taking the plunge.
  3. College Network - Limited login hrs

    Here's Uncle Bill's way. It even looks relatively straight forward. HTH
  4. New Processor

    methinks San Diego = socket 939 variant; lancaster =socket 754
  5. New Processor

    The Turion could be a good bet for a silent PC- Silent PC Review did a writeup on using the Turion on the desktop.
  6. help needed

    Windows Post Install Wizard
  7. Norton Firewall!

    I can certainly understand the frustration engendered by this, but "It never worked" isn't very informative.... The next thing I'd try is to use System Restore to...well restore your system to a prior state, assuming it hasn't been turned off. Right click my computer Click Help Under "Pick a Task" click "Undo changes to your computer with System Restore." and complete the wizard.
  8. Norton Firewall!

    Safe Mode is Windows running on a basic set of drivers that allows you to perform maintenance on a malfunctioning system....like when you're dealing with a dodgy driver install or any Norton app (save Ghost). Reboot the box, after the POST test, start pressing F8 to enter safe mode. A menu will pop up-select safe mode with networking. It'll take a bit longer for Windoze to load. Once you get to the desktop, go to Start|Run and enter "appwiz.cpl" to start the Add/Remove Programs applet. Uninstall Norton (hopefully) and use the install media for target practice.
  9. Norton Firewall!

    Have you tried booting into safe mode & then uninstalling the app?
  10. Error Code (0x80040900)

    From Uncle Bill: Outlook troubleshooting Have you checked this out yet?
  11. Need some help after creating image

    Another way to get there from here... Open Nero. Close the wizard window. File|Open & browse to the ISO you want to burn. Go for it. HTH
  12. Virtual PC 2004 - Very Slow Performance

    By default, the wizard allocates 128mb of memory to the VM-which would be one reason for very slow performance. I allocate 1 Gb of my 2Gb and it works well. Open the Virtual PC console. Select Action|Settings to check your RAM allocation. HTH
  13. [Utility] Driver Backup

    Thanks for sharing, mon! Trying it out as we speak...One typo noted in "Driver is unsigned, not catalog file available." Also had to drop my font size setting back to the default from "Use Extra Large Fonts" so the controls on the top and bottom of the screen would show.
  14. Burning to DVD

    Rats. Using the nLite version 1.2 RC, I'm still unsuccessful. With a 1.2 Gb ISO, when I capture the image in Virtual PC & restart, I'm left with a black screen with a blinking cursor. Using one of my CD sized images, nLite/Virtual PC/Nero 7 works fine for building/testing/burning. I'm at a loss. I guess I could roll back to an earlier version of nLite and see if that fixes the problem.
  15. Burning to DVD

    I'll try it this weekend-thanks for the info guys.