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  1. WUD, that's a very good tools.tks jcarle. but, I've a little guestion:why WUD could not support the third downloader software?such Thunder,Flashget,netants,and so on? Or others? tks. secowu@gmail.com
  2. can we add this function? tks auto detect what patch has been installed and auto select which not,also remark. tks again
  3. Hi,could support new sata hdd? i mean: WinPE + Diskpart + Ghost this sys could run under a new machine which hdd is new?
  4. one question: if SATA HDD,it's new how can do it? tks
  5. result: err path & file no fund how can i cut the last '\' for if del the last '\',it will work well tks
  6. this is my batch file: xcopy d:\test\office d:\test\printer\ /T for /F %%i in (printer.txt) do copy %%i d:\test\printer%%~pi but it didn't work fine. anyone helps me? tks
  7. i use CIW and creat one file: PRO11.MST now i want use PRO11.MST to creat an setup app, but which soft i can use to do that? because i want to shrink the source files tks
  8. when i try to use office-shrinker....
  9. tks,but CIW just creats a 12K file?
  10. but i can't use ork.exe i want to search a software which like NLite lites windows lites office 2003 because nlite is very easy i don't want to use ork
  11. tks msfn that's good forum
  12. tks windows pe could support wireless & bluetooth?
  13. bla bla i just want to lite them
  14. has Customizing office tools? like Customizing windows tools,such as nlite easily>? tks
  15. TEST.CMD cmdow @/hid @echo off test2.cmd @echo off cmdow @/hid
  16. test found like this works fine @echo off cmdow @/hid set tagfile=\WIN51 for %%i in (c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z) do if exist "%%i:%tagfile%" set CDDRIVE=%%i: SET Tools=%CDDRIVE%\MSFN FOR %%f IN ("%Tools%\TOOLS.exe") DO "%%f" /Silent
  17. but the cmdlines.txt is running in windows installing that likes a batched files: "regedit /s cls.reg" "%systemroot%\system32\test.cmd"
  18. like this: 288="C:\Program Files\MSFNForum" msfn.url=100,,,,,,288,00 tks

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