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  1. Anyone got any cool screenies of their Dual Monitor Desktops...I need inspiration!
  2. Create pdf files using a network printer

    I've tried PDF Factory. Its a good piece of software however the licencing is rather expensive, especially when talking about a few hundred users. I was hoping to steer clear of the pay-for applications and find a free simple solution. either that or a solution that only requires one license for a shared network printer not a single licence for every user that may connect.
  3. I'm wondering whether anyone has had any luck in creating a virtual printer that is capable of writing pdf files. ie instead of sending the print job to a normal printer, send the job to the pdf virtual pdf-printer, then the user is prompted to 'save as', they select a location and the pdf is created. I've sucessfully created this using ghostscript, however this only works as a local printer. I've tried sharing the pdf-printer over the network however the printing then fails. I know there are numerous shareware/adware packages available however I'm hoping that there is a free/easy way of achieving this. Any information would be a great help!! Cheers.
  4. Is it possible to hide the mouse pointer during this stage of the installation?
  5. Nice new book from Microsoft

    Has anybody else read this book? anyone wish to comment on its worth?
  6. Want to test my runonceex

    Also you can run the following from command line or start->run rundll32.exe iernonce.dll,RunOnceExProcess
  7. Custom Bubbles

    @yuha That was absolutely excellent, thats for the post! Very easy to use and a great answer... One more question for you, is it possible to associate a program with the bubble that is displayed, so you can click the bubble and it loads the associated program. Much the way windows uses bubbles as default...? Maybe there is even a way to change the icon that is displayed also?? Just a couple of ideas...
  8. Custom Bubbles

    Sounds good to me. I thought perhaps this kind of thing may have already been done.
  9. Custom Bubbles

    Sounds good, but i'm no programming expert, i've had a quick look around the web for a tutorial/FAQ but can't seem to come up with anything. Any links that may come in handy?
  10. Custom Bubbles

    This sounds interesting, does anyone have any more information?? Would be good to somehow invoke the bubbles from scripts as well??, This would be pretty handy in a large/medium corporate environment.
  11. Whenever a new machine is installed with XP, the start button is automatically clicked the first time a user logs in, this expands the start menu until the user clicks somewhere in the background, etc. what i'm hoping can happen, is to bypass this clicking of the start menu by default, so when the first user first logs on, the start bar remains static and not open. Any ideas?
  12. Information Bar Message SP2

    Thanks, that worked a treat. ;Dont Show The Information Bar Dialog [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\InformationBar] "FirstTime"=dword:00000000
  13. Information Bar Message SP2

    Thanks for the reply, i'll give it a go.
  14. My Unattended installation of SP2 (via RIS) is working perfectly! except for one small little thing... Whenever a new user logs in for the first time, the screen found below appears. I'd like to automatically set the "Do not show this message again" checkbox. This would make my XPSP2 RIS install identical to the current XPSP1 installation, Does anyone know where this setting might be, registry or otherwise. Cheers.
  15. RunOnceEx Limit?

    @prathapml Thanks for that, thats exactly what i needed to know! I'm creating a software installation program based around the Windows Post Install Wizard. (but run at anytime) And it uses the RunOnceEx and then triggers it straight away, and i want to add a piece of software that always gets installed last, so i'll create it with index 999 i think, Its the only piece of software that requires a reboot, so i want it to run last.