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WPI 5.1 Wish List

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Unfortunately I don't know enough js to make this and I still have 2 weeks of school :realmad: ... but if nobody starts working on it I'll try to make this at the end of the next week. I can do it really simple in autoit, but I'll have to learn some js. Anyway, it is good to learn new things once in a while :lol:

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miscellaneous -> use multiple defaults

when unchecked , need one other check box , to hide

<select defaults> + <select all> + <select none >

why ?

several times i made separate WPI-CDs for friends with a single program

and in this case this options became useless.

or maybe if it is a single program in config.js,

WPI can hide this 3 options.

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@almulder: Your image links don't work. I put a onMouseOver() in on those myself once. I am going to try and get actual tab images made to look better. I was running out of time so left as is just to get it released. Next version or RC. #8 is already made, too.

The problem with shell.run() is that it stays on that line until the installer is finished. There is no way to watch the diskspace being used for a progress bar. If shell.run() ran in the background, then yes it could be done. I really doubt the harddrive space will be displayed. I don't see any real reason. With today's huge harddrives, why would you really worry about running out of space?

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I was just thinking if it could be useful. It is not hard to implement (at least I think so).

But it requires these new strings to be stored somewhere.

So once WPI will define some new constants for categories, it should go further and offer more options for the categories.

IMO, they can even be deployed in useroptions.js (near the category order) for now.

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Within the user options would work best. Nice. Just need to add an area with in options to add category and category description. The nice clean way would be to make something simmilar to the config screen but for the category section and then within that section we could make a Category sort order (like with the install sort order within config screen)

This would make it Easy for anyone to add edit or delete any Category they want.

What cha think!

Who is up to that task? LOL

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Well, it would be nice to have these options.

I just want to know if this is going to be implemented in the official WPI now or later.

So, if kel or mritter decide to work on this, I will be very happy. If not, I guess I'll modify the code myself.

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I think the category tool tip could be easily done. But like the topic says "5.1 Wish List". I am still working out a few bugs with the installer. That is top priority right now. But I am taking notes.

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Hello everybody.

Thanks for the great works.

I translate WPI language file for WPI 5 RC2, but I still have some text in English.

In the Options screen :

Tab 1, the list of language and the choice of screen résolution (By System (Default)).

Tab 2 (Installation), on the 2nd line (Default/All/None).

Tab 3 (Audio player), all the buttons are still in English.

Tab 4 (Tools), the 1st choice of the 3 options for the screen parameters (By System (Default)).

In the Config screen :

The list of categories.

The choice of the text position (Top, Bottom, Left, Right).

If all of this can be put in the lang.js, it will be famous.

Thanks again ...

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I also want to suggest smth...

1. In "Options" could be listed to edit files (whole path to files) in FindCDRom() and also chackbox to enable dependency of all those file or disable (uncheck) just for one from those files.

2. In Installer, InstallText could have background from image file (for example watermark), not only backgroundcolor.

3. About Tool tips, I think they are prepared also to themes, so cant it be a text file called ToolTip.txt in Themes\myTheme folder and from there bring ToolTip and if this file dont exist, it could be bring default from "Options"?? I think it'll be good for people whos doing Themes.

4. In "Options" could be checkbox to enable/disable view "MultiDefault" list and "Select All","Select None,"Select Defaults" buttons "together". Why? I could have mike_config.js, brian_config.js, martin_config.jn, adam_config.js and also all-progies_config.js, some of progies could not be in adam_config.jn, some could not be in martin_config.jn etc. but all could be in all-progies_config.js and I still could not want to install all. ;)

If im wrong... and probably someone say me that... "Too bad!"

btw. sory for my bad english...

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